Andrew Zimmern Just Shared The Sweetest Dog Video On Twitter

On National Dog Day, we can't get enough adorable pup pics and clips. Check out the one posted by Andrew Zimmern on Twitter along with the caption, "It's #NationalDogDay This little bundle of joy is everything I need each day and more. Dogs are purely empathic creatures building happiness and safety with their humans. I'm the luckiest dog dad. BTW he is obsessed with Snoopy cartoons. For real." Needless to say, the post is garnering loads of heart emojis.

That fluffy furball engrossed in a cartoon conversation between Snoopy and his bird buddy, Woodstock, is Zimmern's dog, Luca. The handsome fella — we mean Luca, although Zimmern's kind of cute, too — is a Lagotto Romagnola. According to the Lagotto Romagnola Club of America, the small- to medium-sized breed has a bright and happy demeanor. Originally from Italy, they're working dogs bred to hunt waterfowl, but get this: They are also stellar truffle hunters. A chef and a truffle-hunting dog who loves cartoons. How is that not a match made in heaven?

Like Andrew Zimmern, we love our canine buddies, especially on National Dog Day

A quick glance at Andrew Zimmern's social media channels shows the celebrity chef, host, and author is clearly enamored with his dog, Luca. (Take a look at their snuggle on Instagram.) In fact, Zimmern created an Instagram page — @lucathelogotto — just for Luca. From what we can gather, Zimmern adopted Luca a few months after mourning the passage of his longtime canine buddy, Pretzel the Pug (pictured with Zimmern, above), who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in July 2020. As reported by "Today," Zimmern paid tribute to Pretzel in an Instagram post at the time of the dog's death, noting the pug passed surrounded by family. Zimmern wrote, "Pretzel had a very tough life with many physical complications but his selflessness was total and resolute. We should all be more like Pretzel. He protected our home, never left a family member's side when they were sick, rode shotgun for every adventure, and despite being blind was ALWAYS investigating his surroundings fearlessly." A year later, he posted an Instagram remembrance.

Especially on National Dog Day, the dog — and all pet — lovers among us can relate. We bring our pets into our lives knowing they will only be with us for a while. We mourn their passing. Then, because we love them so much, we do it all over again. Happy National Dog Day, Luca!