Fans Can't Get Enough Of Trisha Yearwood's Adorable National Dog Day Pic

It's no secret that country singer Trisha Yearwood loves dogs. The star revealed to People magazine that her affection for furry friends was obvious ever since her childhood. She remarks that at the time, just the sight of a rescue dog would have her pleading to her father, "Daddy can I keep it?" Nowadays, Yearwood is in charge of the dogs she brings home, and along with her husband Garth Brooks, the couple adopted two rescue dogs, Emmy and Millie.

In honor of National Dog Day, Yearwood shared a heartwarming photo together with the two pups. You can bet the photo went over well with her fans, thanks to the major cuteness factor. "Happy #NationalDogDay to these two queens who rescued my heart!" the singer captioned the photo on Twitter. Her play on words made it clear that her rescue dogs had a lot to offer in return. It seems like the happy trio was a match made in heaven, and fan Kathleen Barnett commented, "They are living their best lives thanks to you" (via Twitter).

How has her life changed having dogs?

Fan responses made it clear that Trisha Yearwood wasn't the only one smitten by the adorable dogs. "They are so cute!!!" @jaclynrogowski commented on Yearwood's Instagram post, which made it evident the star's fans are also dog lovers. Nor was she the only person eager to share some love for dogs in honor or National Dog Day. Yearwood's Twitter post was populated with replies featuring fans' own furry friends. If you have a dog at home, then National Dog Day is the perfect time to show them some extra love!

Aside from their friendship and cuddliness, Emmy and Millie were a huge inspiration for one of Yearwood's latest projects. The country singer recently launched a line of pet products, the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection, thanks to her familiarity with the four-legged creatures. The website for the new line highlights her quote, "Love one another all creatures great and small," and it appears the singer is doing just that. 

Trisha told Daily Paws that she's recently slowed down to enjoy more time with Emmy and Millie, and husband Brooks is on board with the change in routine. He likely doesn't seem to be jealous about the time she spends with her dogs, though a cheeky Instagram comment by @douglasskizer raised the question, "I thought Garth rescued ur heart or did he steal it lol."