Chick-Fil-A Employees Reveal The Odd Habits Of Frequent Customers

Bartenders and baristas have plenty of stories about weird regulars. You can find them on Reddit. There's a guy mentioned on the Starbucks subreddit who would sit in the cafe for hours watching chess videos on his computer and yelling at the screen. Someone on the bartenders subreddit told of the guy who claimed to be a sleeper agent for aliens, with cameras in his eyes and microphones in his ears.

When it comes to fast food restaurants, a lot of people visit them more on impulse than as a routine. Some of us tend to hit the drive-thru whenever a craving strikes, or when we don't feel like cooking. But did you know that fast food restaurants have regulars, too?

As you may have already guessed, Reddit is the place to learn about the weird world of fast food regulars. The topic came up recently on the "ChickFilAWorkers" subreddit. A user called TwistedCube49 prompted Chick-fil-A employees with this question: "Anyone here have a really interesting 'usual customer'?" Reading this thread, you're bound to conclude that you won't find a more colorful cast of characters outside your local Chick-fil-A.

A lot of Chick-fil-A's frequent customers are creatures of habit

Some of the Chick-fil-A regulars described on a subreddit for Chick-fil-A workers apparently like to push the chain's famously good customer service to its limit. One frequent customer at Chick-fil-A orders 14 sides of pickle every time he comes in. Then there was the woman who wants her 30-piece chicken nuggets cooked twice.

There are the creatures of habit: One guy pulls up to the drive-thru an hour before the place opens and yells at the employee at the register if they're not whom he expects. The regulars at Chick-fil-A can be endearingly odd, like the guy who wants to play rock-paper-scissors at the drive-thru window, or endearingly sad, like the guy who orders a salad for his wife, who never shows up.

The best of the unusual customers can inject humor into the monotony of the drive-thru grind. One time, a guy pulled up in a hearse. Employee: "I like your ride." Hearse driver: "Thanks. Wanna get in?" Employee: "Eh, not today. Maybe later."