Cheetos' New Nashville Hot Flavor Is Currently Only At These Two Stores

Chester Cheetah is clearly a big fan of music. Through the years, the funky cat has shown his appreciation for hip-hop, even performing on the 2019 "Flamin' Hot Diss Track" (seen on YouTube) that was aimed at his competitor, Doritos. But, now he's showing how much of a country music fan he is too with Cheetos' new bag of Nashville Hot crunchy snacks. The artwork shows him adorned in a Cowboy hat and sunglasses with a microphone in front of him as holds out a piece of fried chicken. 

The new flavor seems poised to be a big hit of its own, packing in big taste — and plenty of heat. Instagram account @i_need_a_snack recently posted about the find, describing it as having a "spicy chicken pork rinds" smell upon opening the bag and then a lot of spice as you munch on them. "It's not an immediate heat like the classic Flamin' Hot Cheetos, [it] builds in intensity from the second you take a bite all the way through," the poster says, adding, "Once I dove into these I was actually surprised by how good they were, you initially get that blend of Nashville spices, followed by that PUNCH of heat, maybe it was just my bag but these were SO HOT."

But if you're looking to find a bag for yourself, it might be tougher than you think to get your hands on it.

Cheetos Nashville Hot flavor is only available in a couple places

According to Best Products, you'll only be able to purchase Cheetos Crunchy Nashville Hot flavor in two stores as of now, Circle K and Dollar General, where an 8.5-ounce bag will cost you about $3. Though hopefully the brand will expand the availability as these look to be a big winner. 

The radio station 104.9 The X speculates that the flavor was perhaps inspired by the rising popularity of Nashville-style spicy chicken sandwiches, the key word being spicy. If you are brave enough to give this fiery snack a whirl, just know things are going to get hot (and you might want to have a glass of milk ready, just in case!).

Although the post on Instagram courtesy of @i_need_a_snack was generous with details, down to the "fried crispy chicken" flavor finish, the post still states that these Cheetos seemed to be simply too hot, almost to an "unenjoyable" level. And it seems other people know these are going wreak havoc, as seen on the popular Instagram review blog @Junkbanter who recently posted a photo of the new Nashville Hot bag with a caption reading "Dear Toilet, I am SOOO sorry in advance."