Little Caesars' New Bacon Crust Pizza Is Only Available In This Country

Relations between the U.S. and Canada have always been fairly friendly, but it seems things have been heating up over which menu items are offered to one but not both. First, there was the Popeyes' chicken sandwich which arrived in Canada much later than America (via The Star). Of course, Canadian Costco food courts got chicken sandwiches that the U.S. didn't. Plus, a distinctly Canadian flavor of ice cream — orange and black licorice ice cream known as Tiger Tail — never made it to the U.S. either. 

And now Little Caesars is adding fuel to the fire with their new bacon crust pizza that's also only available in Canada (via Chewboom). For Americans that adore meat lovers pizza or a great crunch with each bite of pizza, this pizza is going to be tough to miss out on. Instead, those in the Great White North will simply have to relay what everyone else is missing out on.

This is what the Bacon Cruncher Pizza entails

Little Caesars' new bacon crust pizza is actually called the Bacon Cruncher Pizza, and it includes much more than bacon on the crust. The Bacon Cruncher is a pepperoni pizza with a crust amped up with flavor. As for the crust itself, it is covered in bacon, of course, but it also has toasted cheese and panko breadcrumbs for added crunch (via Chewboom).

Customers can order the Bacon Cruncher Pizza in two sizes — a 12-inch medium pizza or a 14-inch large pizza. The medium pizza is $8.99 CAD or $7.12 USD, while the large is $13.99 CAD or $11.08 USD. Keep in mind that this isn't a pizza to wait to try if you do have access to it. It will only be available at participating locations for a limited time. So if you can get this exciting new pizza to try, then don't forget to share your thoughts online so those missing out can at least dream about the exclusive pizza.