The Sweet Reason This Buddy Vs. Duff Cake Is So Meaningful To Duff Goldman

There's nothing like some good friendly competition. Week after week, "Buddy vs. Duff" proves this, as viewers turn to the baking show millions at a time. The two celebrity bakers have created some pretty impressive works of art since the inception of the show in 2019, making cakes based on Bollywood, New York City, dinosaurs, Medieval times, even the musical "Waitress" themes. 

Each week it's amazing to see what the chefs can create off of a simple prompt. But sometimes, the creations can be overshadowed by the nature of the competition, and it's easy to forget that there is often a deeper meaning outside of the week's theme for the men behind the cakes.

This past week, the two bakers were given the prompt "architectural wonders." Buddy Valastro chose to travel back in time and create a cake based on the Egyptian pyramids — undoubtedly impressive. But Duff Goldman chose to take the prompt in a more sentimental direction, keep reading to hear what Goldman had to say about the endeavor and why this cake was particularly meaningful.

Duff Goldman made a sentimental treehouse cake

Sharing detailed shots of a treehouse cake, Duffman Goldman wrote on Twitter that "This week's cake on #BuddyvsDuff is something very special to me."

In late January of this year, Goldman announced on Instagram the his wife, Johnna Goldman, had given birth to the couple's first child. Writing of his daughter Josephine, Goldman shared that he is "so in love I can't stand it. I have the two best ladies in the whole world." When speaking about his treehouse cake this past week, Goldman explained that "since the day I knew I was going to be a dad, I knew I wanted to build a tree-house for my child." While the treehouse for sure met the qualification of "architectural wonder," it was Goldman's sweet reason behind the decision that made it stand out.

Fans were clearly touched by Goldman's cake, one replied on Twitter "Absolutely loved it, especially the animals. They were all almost as cute as Josephine." Another fan shared that the cake was "So very cute. I hope you'll share Josephine's tree house with all of us when you build it." While the competition ended in a draw between the two bakers, if the winner was chosen solely on sentimentality, Goldman would've easily snagged first place this time around.