Why You Shouldn't Order Chicken At A Steakhouse

Who can say no to perfectly grilled chicken with mashed potatoes or some french fries on the side? The advantages are numerous: It's a delicious dish, chock full of protein, and a satiating option. Plus, it's a classic meal to opt for. Right? Well, not exactly. There are exceptions. For example, if you're at a steakhouse, you'll notice that you have far more options. Chicken should really not be your go-to pick here. Wondering why? Well, the answer is fairly simple. 

For one, you're at a steakhouse. It's a risk to order chicken because you know that's not their speciality, and it's a generic dish that you can get pretty much anywhere. This is a basic rule that often gets overlooked. As chef Michael Armstrong told Delish, it's best to go with a dish that a restaurant claims they're skilled at making instead of opting for a random pick because, well ... it's likely that you won't be pleased with the result. 

You have better options

Here's the thing: You may assume that you're doing your health a favor by opting for chicken at a steakhouse. This is probably false and you may end up with bigger portion sizes and more calories than you bargained for. Look at this example: According to Outback Steakhouse, an eight-ounce serving of grilled chicken with mixed vegetables is about 540 calories and has far too much sodium (as much as 1060 milligrams). Not worth it, really.

Per The Food Network, steakhouses are known for serving extra large portions of main dishes on their menu. You should take advantage of this visit to the steakhouse to try something delicious like petite filets. Or go with a friend and order a classic steak to share. This way, you'll get to reduce the total number of calories without depriving yourself of a hearty meal at the restaurant. Sounds like a win-win, right?