Twitter Is Loving This Hilarious Cheese History Observation

Food can often cause heated debates. From the best hamburger, to a favorite beverage, everyone has an opinion. Layer onto those preferences food trends, innovations, and mash-ups, and the food world is overflowing with curious choices. Still, one keen Twitter observer @Ryan_Ken_Acts had many foodies gathering around the proverbial table after his cheese history observation. The tweet in question said: "We have audacity and nerve to thank for cheese. Because somebody saw milk get so old that it became a solid, ate some, and took it back to the village like 'This is absolutely delicious. You must try it.'"  That slice of cheese on that sandwich might look a little different after reading that statement. 

Many responses to that tweet included references to beer, wine, lobster, and other curious foods that took one adventurous foodie to take a first bite. One statement about cheese and yogurt noted, "Things that look crazy or have gone bad...I'm guessing poverty/starvation led to trying all this stuff." Another expressed their humorous take on the chicken versus egg debate with, "I want to know who the first person was that said 'I'm gonna eat the thing that came out of the bird's butt.'" Although the food challenges on "Survivor" or the unappetizing shakes on "Fear Factor" could make anyone's stomach turn, the reality is that some visually unappealing foods or other unusual goodies have become delicacies. One brave soul was either curious enough to take a bite — or just too hungry to care.

Is cheese history sliced in fact or fiction?

After a recent tweet from @Ryan_Ken_Acts had many people debating the curious and tasty history of cheese and other delicacies, this food for thought raised an interesting question: Is one person attributed to the first cut of cheese? While that cheesy tweet is rooted in food fact, the truth is that people enjoy slices of cheese without an inkling of how they arrived on their plate. While the moon might be made of cheese, and a mouse might have eaten its way through the holes in Swiss cheese, the reality is that there is a difference between story and reality. 

According to the International Dairy Association, the exact origin of cheese making is unknown, although cheese has been around for 4,000 years. Whether it's the story of an Arabian merchant storing milk in a sheep's stomach, which turned into curd, or the popularity of cheese in Ancient Rome, the reality is that one person took that first bite, enjoyed it, and cajoled someone else into eating it, too. In some ways, it is similar to the people who take a bite of any questionable food and pass it on simply because you "must" try it. Whether cheese was the first food trend or just a great food discovery can be debated for the ages. Still, it is one of many foods that one brave person ate, enjoyed, and convinced others to join in on the food discovery. Perhaps it might be time to enjoy another slice of culinary curiosity?