Aldi Shoppers Are Losing It Over This Hilarious Sign For Chicken Tenders

With its impressive cult following, wide array of unique if not even underrated products, and the consistent seasonal product releases that simply nail their respective themes, Aldi is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

And who doesn't love and appreciate a brand with personality? After all, so much brand awareness now comes from social media with sassy posts and savvy content. Aldi is keen on joining the ranks of funny brands, showing off just how trend-conscious it is. And it didn't even need to send a Tweet or make a TikTok video! They can keep things subtle yet hilarious for those who notice while shopping in-store, using labeling to give customers a little chuckle as they peruse for groceries.

Of course, it often translates to social media too. Once one social media user finds such a gem in the wild, it's only a matter of snapping a photo and uploading to Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok before the whole concept goes totally viral. This brilliant marketing strategy recently showed itself in a sign in an Aldi store for raw chicken.

What this Aldi's chicken tenders sign says

In a photo, shared by Reddit user @BigBulls_, it shows what looks like a harmless array of packages of raw chicken. Nothing exciting there. But look closer at the product sign that marks what the item is and how much it costs and you'll see it reads, "Chicken Tendies."

It's hard to officially track down when (and why) people have latched onto baby speak, but we'll lovably blame it on the irresistible cuteness of Baby Yoda who loves Chicken Nuggies (as seen on YouTube) and the strange lingo of new-age Wall Street traders (via ​​Business of Business), and it's no wonder why chicken tendies are trending in this case.

By Aldi hopping onto the slang and showing that it's definitely hip and cool, it's a move that shows their alignment with their audience and appears much appreciated by the Reddit community. One user replied to the photo saying, "Goes great with honey mussy" while another asked, "Maybe Tom Haverford works at your Aldi?" — a reference to the TV show "Parks And Recreation." Many other commenters were seen eating up the sign's savvy social awareness, saying how funny and cute it is. Props to the Aldi's employee who gave the company some serious marketing buzz.