Alton Brown Finished His Final Good Eats Book And Instagram Isn't Happy

Alton Brown is quite the culinary sensation. His approach to food is refreshing and something that has been appreciated by a lot of fans in the past. Per Delish, the fact that he treats cooking like science is appealing to many people. After all, his TV show "Good Eats" was a huge hit that went on for numerous seasons after making its debut in 1999. In an interesting interview, Brown revealed his thoughts on his show and how it challenged the status quo (via Eater).

Brown said, "I think Good Eats was the first show to take a non-chef food stance, and look at it as storytelling from a cinemagraphic standpoint, or television standpoint. Then also to focus more on actual scientific know-how than what we'll call chefly tradition, if you will." He added that he was tired of looking at dull cooking shows and wanted to do something different that would be useful and fun to watch at the same time. Brown explained that "the whole idea [was], simply, if you entertain people, they will learn whatever it is you're trying to teach them." Smart.

Well, Brown has now declared on Instagram that he's done working on his last "Good Eats" book. And his fans have strong reactions to this latest announcement.

Fans have a lot to say

Alton Brown's post on Instagram was simple: it had a few pictures of his manuscript from his book, "Good Eats: The Final Years." Brown's caption was pretty straightforward as well: "It is finished." 

Well, his fans are gutted. A commenter wrote, "Such a bittersweet thing." Another fan said that this marks "the end of an era." One Instagram user expressed that they couldn't believe it was over while another insisted that the "Good Eats" star had to continue on. Someone else expressed their admiration for Alton Brown's work and wrote, "our contribution to the culinary world with 'Good Eats' will never be forgotten... I have no idea how I can ever repay you for the knowledge you've given me and so many others." Perhaps capturing fellow followers' mix of appreciation and upset, one clever punster posted, "It was the best of thymes, it was the wurst of times..."

Meanwhile, another fan said that they've always loved Brown's show and watched it religiously as a child. What's more, their family went from not understanding what was so great about Brown to "[loving him] just as much as I do." What a compliment.