Alton Brown's Hilarious Reaction To This Good Eats Anniversary

Alton Brown's "Good Eats" has been around a while. In fact, it's been on for so long, we're likely to forget that it was one of the first shows to have aired on the Food Network. The show isn't just about how to cook good food, it also goes where people who enjoy cooking want to go — from trends to ingredient origins, all delivered with the notable chef's brand of humor.

And while the show has been around for a while, we think it's safe to say Alton Brown is likely not interested in remembering just how long, since recalling that bit of trivia also dates him. So no one should be too surprised to see his reaction to a social media post reminding him what people thought of "Good Eats" after it was launched. "Dear God I feel old," Brown tweets, in response to a cheery image of a dino in a Hawaiian shirt with the caption: "OTD: In 1999, we got the Mr. Wizard meets Pee Wee's Playhouse meets Julia Child show we've always dreamed of when Alton Brown taught us all about Steak on "Good Eats." GOOD EATS!"

Amused fans reached out to comfort Alton Brown

Viewers and fans were amused by both the original post and his reaction to whimsical cartoon dino. One Twitter user tried to comfort the celebrity chef, posting: "As Indiana Jones famously said in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' 'It's not the time. It's the mileage.' And besides, as long as you keep coming up with maniacal #Chopped baskets and similar treasures, you'll never really be THAT old..." Another Twitter fan said: "lol Doesn't matter how old you feel or how old you actually are. You're a treasure AB. You gave a lot of people awesome memories and I'm sure you had a handful of treasured moments throughout making the series."

Then there was the millennial who might have accidentally rubbed salt in Alton Brown's wound by tweeting: "I would go to my baby sitters and sit down in front of the TV every time your show came on when I could. Whether you like it or not you became a part of my childhood and sparked my love of food."

But age is relative, as this Twitter user pointed out. "I had already retired from the Air Force 3 years earlier. You're still a youngun."