These 2 Trader Joe's Products Make The Perfect Burger Sauce, According To Reddit

It's like Trader Joe's keeps reading our minds. The shopping chain keeps pumping out some absolutely glorious products. Two of these fan-favorites include dill pickle mustard and Magnifisauce. While these sauces are both incredibly tasty on their own, it turns out that even more deliciousness can be had when combining the two.

Trader Joe's dill pickle mustard caused a fan frenzy when it was released in the spring. The mustard made a splash on the internet, especially on Instagram, but also on Reddit. People couldn't wait to get their hands on the condiment and started sharing awesome recipe ideas (dill pickle mustard deviled eggs, anyone?) almost immediately. 

As for the Magnifisauce, Trader Joe's notes that this condiment is a mustard-mayo-ketchup-relish kind of blend "with the subtle tang of vinegar and a spread of spices." It is meant to mimic the taste of other fast-food sauces, helping to elevate any burger — or any type of meal, really! Keep reading to find out more about combining these glorious condiments.

How do you make this sauce?

According to Reddit, the best way to have an ultimate burger experience is to mix these two Trader Joe's sauces together. How you mix and how much of each is specifically up to your taste buds, but apparently any combination is pretty darn tasty. 

"Mix the dill pickle mustard and magnifisauce together for the ultimate burger sauce. I jokingly call it clown sauce as it tastes exactly like a certain fast food joints burgers," says Reddit user snippysniper. Another user, DudedinoEC added, "I am in love with both of these sauces, especially the dill pickle mustard. Experimenting with both together sounds like a fun exercise, thanks for the idea!" 

And, really, if you thought that condiments couldn't get better with the introduction of Magnifisauce, the addition of the pickle mustard definitely brings it up a notch. We call this a winning team and we'll never eat anything without this again.