Duff Goldman Isn't Impressed With Twitter's Baking Show Pitch

Sometimes we want glitz and glam and sprinkles and unicorns. And sometimes we yearn for the simpler things in life. Based on one user's Tweet to the Food Network and cake artist extraordinaire Duff Goldman, we're guessing they were feeling the latter. As they wrote, "@FoodNetwork @duffgoldman I'd love to see a cake competition using only cake and icing. No fondant, no structures, no rice crispy treats ... literally just cake and icing." We could almost hear the sarcastic chuckle as Goldman fired back, "Sounds exciting! I'm sure dozens of people would watch."

Witty banter ensued with the original Twitter poster challenging Goldman, "I'm sure you'd still find a way to make a life-sized unicorn." Picking up the gauntlet on behalf of fans who swoon for fantastical layer cakes decked in whimsy, Goldman countered, "Haha, I'd figure it out." 

But maybe the original poster is onto something. A fair share of fans chimed in with comments supporting the challenge in all of its simplicity.

Would fans watch a simple cake making show?

Although Food Network cake master Duff Goldman was less than enamored with the Twitter suggestion challenging the network to create a series showcasing simple cake-decorating techniques, some fans thought the original poster might be onto something. Strip away the fancy fondant, structural tools, and whimsical decorations and challenge an accomplished cake maker to rely on simple techniques and see what they can really do. Replying to the suggestion, @terry_burch weighed in with an idea, "I think that would be a great skill set for Duff and Buddy. A [4-week] cake-off using icing and cake only."

Sounds interesting to us. Pit two of Food Network's most heralded cake masters against one another, and take away their toys. It would be the antithesis of Buddy Vs. Duff. Sure, Buddy Valastro's Egyptian pyramids and Duff's delightful treehouse were awe-inspiring in Season 3's Architectural Challenge (per Fansided), but a back-to-basics challenge using just wits and ingenuity might be fun. Or maybe not.

Twitter user @Caplansky cut to the chase with this reply, "Honestly I might be interested. My cake talent envy wouldn't be as it is now. I could honestly say, 'Hey, I can do that!' ... Nah, I'd rather watch Duff and be amazed at the art he creates."