How Chrissy Teigen Once Accidentally Offended Gordon Ramsay

It's hardly the first time Chrissy Teigen has offended someone on Twitter, nor the first time chef Gordon Ramsay has been offended — but this social media faux pas will have fans facepalming for sure.

Teigen and Ramsay are both well-known in the celebrity food world. Teigen is a successful television personality, social media influencer, and best-selling cookbook author, although she is not formally trained as a chef. Ramsay is a successful television personality himself, but is instead trained in the culinary arts under award-winning chefs. He's also a Michelin star-winning restaurateur (via Biography). Both celebrities create tasty food by all accounts, but one would generally consider Chef Ramsay to have the stronger culinary background. That's why Teigen's accidental shade is even more facepalm-worthy.

In 2019, Teigen asked her many fans about a dish they've never tried "but probably should have," sharing that her missed dishes were a bagel with lox and pastrami on rye (via Twitter). One fan shared that they wish they had tasted beef Wellington, attributing the unfulfilled craving to Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" signature staple (via Screen Rant). So, what happened next?

Don't shade the beef Wellington

Even though the fan was name-dropping Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chrissy Teigen replied to both the fan AND the celebrity chef that the dish is not only super easy, but that everyone should use a different recipe saying, "@GordonRamsay so easy to make and perfect. make the one online from Tyler Florence!"

For those who may not be familiar, beef Wellington may be the most famous signature dish on "Hell's Kitchen" — and it is definitely not simple (via Hell's Kitchen Recipes). Ramsay's recipe calls for the dish to set for over 24 hours, and for the food to cook, there are pans and ovens. This reportedly delicious dish is anything but simple. Ramsay has reportedly spent years perfecting his recipe and Teigen just tagged him to cook Tyler Florence's! Oh no! Ramsay definitely noticed, commenting, "Ouch. That stings....." Fans on Twitter definitely caught this comment too, as one said, "How could you disrespect my mans @GordonRamsay like that."

Teigen backpedaled, quickly sharing, "I HAVENT MADE YOURS YET GORDON." She added that she'd definitely try it in true Teigen style: "I will make yours this Christmas. We will switch every year between you and Tyler like divorced parents." A definite Twitter accident, we're glad Teigen realized her mistake. As for which recipe tastes better? We dare not share an opinion.