The Big Problem Fans Are Having With The New Twix Flavor

In recent weeks, Twix has teased an "international" new flavor, getting fans of the popular candy bar all riled up for something extra-special. The brand even asked consumers via Instagram to guess what's coming, with mint, java, s'mores, and key lime among the predictions. The exotic new mystery flavor? Yeah, it's salt. Well, salted caramel, to be exact, says ChewBoom. The new flavor will drop at select retailers on September 13. It'll hit stores nationwide in 2022.

Considering that the candy bar already features caramel as a primary ingredient, this has left some consumers a smidge underwhelmed. "Okay but isn't Twix caramel anyways?" comments Instagram user julia2117m on the brand's big Instagram announcement post. At least one commenter guessed correctly, with snackinginsaudi saying, "I was right and I couldn't be more disappointed about it." User alekr92 implores Twix to get creative, because the new flavor could be "easily" done at home with a light sprinkle of sea salt.

Despite the lukewarm reaction from some, others are pretty pumped up. "Yummy in my tummy," says twix.and.simba.

How international is the new Twix flavor, really?

Wondering how the addition of salt made this flavor international? Well, it didn't, really. Instead, what Twix likely means is that this flavor has been available internationally, and will now be sold in the U.S. Apparently, its reputation precedes it. "I've almost ordered this one from overseas and just never got around to it," says user theculdesnack.

Still, it's easy to see how consumers could have gotten confused, what with all of the heavy marketing and promotion as an "international" option coming from "across the globe." Among other expletives, user droojohnson wonders on Instagram, "how white are y'all?"

For what it's worth, the new-to-us incarnation of Twix does seem to be pretty tasty, even if it isn't particularly exotic in nature. Delish says it's "the candy bar we already know and love leveled up a bit." Specifically, it's the ideal Twix for people who prefer some savory/salty flavor to cut the sweetness just enough. And anyway, at the end of the day, even a disappointing candy bar is still pretty good.