TikTok User Tries To Launch Wasabi And Coke Challenge, Fails Horribly

We've said this before and there's no doubt we'll say it again: TikTok can be totally wonderful and simultaneously terrifying. The opportunity for social interaction and connection, discovering new interests and talents, and learning something new every day are total pros for the platform.

But trends that take us right back to the times of dangerous internet challenges (an era which apparently is not over yet) are not as ... delightful. The ease, access, and potential for internet fame of TikTok has us reliving the days of the cinnamon challenge (via YouTube), teens eating Tide Pods (via Washington Post), and all the other insanely dangerous food challenges that tried (or maybe succeeded) in breaking the internet.

Even recently, TikTok lost its marbles over the young man who attempted to chug sparkling water "without burping" (via Lad Bible). Needless to say, it didn't work out. He also might have a concussion, at the very least.

The common theme with these challenges is that they don't even sound fun. Eating a Tide Pod? No, thank you. Stuffing our mouths full of cinnamon? We'll pass. This current attempted trend — keyword: attempted — is no exception, and also begs the age-old question: "Why?"

How this TikTok user failed at launching the 'wasabi and coke challenge'

Now, we're not entirely sure who discovered the volatile properties of mixing Pepsi and Mentos (via Science World), but we hope that whoever did discover it, didn't try to swallow both and that's how they found out. This attempted internet challenge is a similar combination — soda and something you wouldn't ordinarily mix with soda.

TikTok user @peaks.100, whose 400-some-odd-thousand followers might be a result of this failed attempt, posted a recent video that begins with him saying, "New challenge alert."

In the video, the user explains that the challenge is called the "wasabi and Coke challenge," because everyone knows wasabi is hot and "Coke burns that heat" (via Food Beast). The gist: eat an entire ball of wasabi (like, cherry-tomato-sized), then chase with Coke.

Except (thankfully), the user doesn't quite get that far. A few seconds into chewing a mouthful of wasabi, he promptly spit out whatever he could of the green, spicy condiment, telling viewers "Don't do that s***." Uh, yeah. We won't.

The user attempts to walk off the spice, spitting as he goes, saying, "That s*** in the m*****f****** nasal passages," and we can just about feel a fraction of what he's feeling. 

TikTokers wasted no time jumping into the comment section to roast the original poster. One user said, "Bro failed his own challenge."

Even Harry Jowsey of "Too Hot to Handle" fame commented, "Got up and started walking like it would help," with some appropriate laugh-crying emojis. Same, Harry. Same.