Twitter Agrees With Alton Brown's Latest 'Culinary Truth' About Butter

When it comes to Alton Brown's diverse range of interests, activities, and ongoing projects, it's clear that he doesn't quite fit into a rigid description of a traditional chef. However, we're sure that the majority of classically trained chefs and amateurs would agree with the "Good Eats" host's recent tweet. Whether he was seeking approval or challenging anyone to disagree, Brown stated, "#CulinaryTruth: More often than not, 'butter' is the correct answer" (via Twitter). 

The comment has already received over 1,500 likes and plenty of responses from avid foodies eager to add their two cents. Many people commented that bacon was just as important, and salt got a fair share of votes as well. Eric Schwartz remarked, "If something seems missing and you can't figure it out, it's either butter or salt" (via Twitter). Twitter user Maryah M asked, "Channeling Julia Child?" The famous chef was once quoted saying, "With enough butter, anything is good," (via Taste of Home). 

Brown and Child are not alone in their belief that butter is an essential ingredient in cooking. Late chef Anthony Bourdain was definitely a fan, along with many other big names in the cooking world, including Ina Garten, Christina Tosi, Alice Waters, Ree Drummond, and more (via Taste of Home). On a segment of Oprah Winfrey's show, Bourdain told the famous host that in restaurants, "It is usually the first thing and the last thing in just about every pan" (via YouTube).

Why is butter so flavorful?

While it might be a revelation for some, a hefty quantity of butter is the reason a lot of restaurant food tastes so delicious. Whether you're baking or making sauce, Bon Appétit explains that butter has properties that are indispensable to the process. According to the source, the water and fat content help create a smooth, tender, or flaky consistency, depending on the dish. Notably, Brown did not say that butter was always the answer, and Taste of Home points out that it isn't ideal for cooking at very high heat, for sous-vide meat, or for vegan dishes.

Given the nature of French cooking, it's not surprising that France leads the world's per capita consumption, at 18 pounds per person in 2018, according to World Atlas. Butter is at the heart of the cuisine, and iconic French chef Jacques Pépin agrees. He believes that if the quality is right, simple food can be better than the most complex dish. In 2010 he told NPR, "If you have extraordinary bread and extraordinary butter, it's hard to beat bread and butter." If you want to find ways to add even more depth and complex flavor with butter, try one of Alton Brown's compound butter recipes on Food Network that incorporate fresh herbs.