Instagram Can't Get Enough Of Duff Goldman's Latest Monster Cake Kit

There's good reason why there are so many culinary competition shows, particularly ones focused on baking — it's thrilling to watch the crazy creations that the pros can whip up with just some cake, buttercream frosting, and fondant. A little shaping and decoration and, suddenly, they've created a life-like creature, made entirely of edible materials. Talk about artistry! However, creating Instagram-worthy sweet treats at home can be intimidating if you're not much of a baker, which is why kits and step-by-step tutorials can be so helpful. 

Those who can't get enough of baker Duff Goldman's creations are able to whip up a few Goldman-approved treats right at home, thanks to the kits he makes available through his collaboration with the company Baketivity. While his S'mores Sandwich Cookies Kit looks absolutely scrumptious, it's the Fuzzy Monster Cake and Cupcakes Kit that is truly capturing Instagram's attention.

The kit costs $39.95, according to the Baketivity website, and includes all the non-perishable, pre-measured ingredients to craft the sweet treat yourself. You just have to add eggs and oil! They even allow you to customize your monstrous creation, with step-by-step instruction booklets that will guide you through the process of creating a full-sized cake or a set of cupcakes, whichever you prefer. With most of the measuring handled, and illustrated instructions that walk you through the process, even the most novice of bakers should be able to craft a flawless monster-themed delight with ease.

What fans are saying about Goldman's monster-themed kit

Goldman took to his own Instagram account to share an image of what the decorated, completed cake and cupcakes look like, and within less than 24 hours, the simple post racked up more than 2,500 likes from his audience. "We just made ours last night and it was so fun watching her create her own monster," said one follower, who presumably made the sweet treats with her daughter. Another seemed able to spot a Goldman creation from a mile away, writing in the comments section, "I was scrolling through my feed fast and saw this and didn't even have to look at the name of who posted it, I knew it was you, Duff!"

While this particular kit was a collaboration with Goldman, the company he partnered with, Baketivity, is actually a monthly baking subscription box for kids. So, fans who adore the process of creating their cake "monster" will be able to seek out other kits as well (via Hello Subscription). From cake pops to unicorn cakes to savory goods like bagels and hot soft pretzels, the boxes allow kids to explore the kitchen — with a little guidance and supervision, of course. 

As Bake Mag reports, only the two recipes (the S'mores Sandwich Cookie Kit and the Monster Cake and Cupcakes Kit) are currently available from the Duff x Baketivity collaboration, but who knows — if enough consumers respond positively, perhaps the baker will make a few more of his recipes available for budding bakers.