Trader Joe's Has Good News For Fans Of Its Non-Dairy Maple Oat Drink

What is about the annual transition from summer to fall that makes us crave nostalgic flavors like maple and pumpkin? Maybe it's connected to the back-to-school routines that ruled the calendar in our childhoods. Maybe it's a gigantic marketing ploy. Whatever the reason, it's a thing. According to Nutritional Outlook, it may all come down to a desire to embrace flavors we consider familiar and comforting. Year over year, maple falls into that category, but this year the craving may be even stronger. 

"Maple will gain traction this year for its diverse representation in sweet and savory flavor profiles," said Becca Henrickson, marketing manager at Wixon, a custom-flavor development company in St. Francis, Wisconsin. "We've seen large growth of this flavor in breakfast cereal launches, with opportunity spanning cross-category. The caramel-like sweetness is also the perfect addition to seasonal fall and holiday flavors." Thankfully, if you love this popular flavor and Trader Joe's, we have some great news for you.

It's the season for maple products

Instagram account @traderjoeslist announced the return of the grocery chain's fan-favorite beverage writing, "It's back. Non-dairy maple oat beverage • $2.99 • Hello morning coffee. I cannot wait to froth this and have a maple latte in the morning! Are you excited this item is back for #pumpkinpalooza?" And fans are delighted. The post garnered more than 35,000 likes within 24 hours. 

One commenter wrote, "Omg give it to me." Another added, "Froth in the coffee," which we believe is a reference to the supreme froth-ability of Trader's Joe's signature oat beverage. When the seasonal maple version hit store shelves last year, one Redditor posted, "I froth it with the TJ's Pumpkin Pie spice and it's amazing." But if you're looking for a more unique way to use this beverage, an Instagrammer explained they also use it in their protein pancakes. Sounds like if you want to enjoy this seasonal flavor, you better hit your nearest Trader Joe's quickly before it gets sold out.