This Haylie Duff News Might Delight Fans Of TikTok 'Barkuterie' Boards

If you frequently come across adorable videos starring sassy pups on TikTok, there's a good chance you have scrolled by a video or two featuring a "barkuterie" board (via TikTok). Whether the board is being put together by a professional company which turns out a product worthy of a magazine spread, or if it's just thrown together by a busy dog parent at home, the results are typically the same — dogs are absolutely thrilled by the variety of different treats and bites available to them, all presented at once. The only rule when assembling these boards is to include dog-safe foods. Otherwise, you can include whatever you think your pup will love — from carrot sticks and celery, to frozen blueberries and peppers (via EatingWell).

If the TikTok examples of "barkuterie" boards have you itching to create your own, there's a new tool that might make the process a little easier (and allows you to avoid sharing the same board you use for your own charcuterie night with your pup). NUTRO ULTRA, the popular dog food brand, has introduced a new item: an innovative ULTRA Barkuterie Boards (via Pets Radar). The circular board has dotted sections with writing in each segment that helps you plan out what types of foods to place on your board, and there's even a spot in the middle where you can store a portion of dry dog food as a bit of a palate cleanser for your pup on his or her gourmet adventures.

Now's your chance to share some virtual 'barkuterie' with Haylie Duff

Many celebrities are outspoken about how much they love their dogs, as writes, and Haylie Duff is one of them. Plus, Duff is all about expanding her precious pups' palates — the actor and singer even shared a recipe for baked dog treats with Modern Dog. So, when NUTRO ULTRA made the decision to get into the barkuterie board game, Duff and her pups Birdie and Chicken were a natural fit for the partnership (via PR Newswire). The brand tapped Duff to help promote the new product, and they even snapped a few shots of Duff's dog enjoying a barkuterie board she had created (via Pets Radar).

Now, fans who love their pups, enjoy getting creative in the kitchen, and have a soft spot for Haylie Duff are in luck — the new partnership also comes with a contest. Between now and September 14, any dog parents who capture a shot of their dog chowing down on a barkuterie board and share it on Instagram using #ULTRABarkuterieBoards, #Giveaway, and @NUTROBrand in the caption to qualify. (Note: Entrants must also follow @NutroBrand). Contestants can also upload it to the Ultra Barkuterie Boards website for a chance to win. What prizes up for grabs? Five grand prize winners will receive a $50 gift card to buy some culinary extras and a six-month supply of NUTRO ULTRA dog food. One lucky winner and their pup(s) will also get the chance to meet Duff and her dogs for a virtual barkuterie meet and greet!