Not Everyone On Facebook Is Impressed With These Pasta Bake Ideas

Some would say that, if there's anything better and more comforting than a saucy bowl of pasta, it has to be baked pasta. What's better than an instant mac and cheese made on the stove? A slow-cooked, crispy cheese-topped casserole baked in the oven, of course! In fact, according to The Travel's survey of the most popular pasta dishes in the US, baked ziti is one of the top pasta dishes on the chart. Not to mention the baked feta and pasta dish that took the Internet by a storm only a months back.

According to Sara Moultan, baking pasta is a great way to give your dish a crispy cheese crust. Do it right, she says, and you will have creamy sauce at the bottom and a nice, crisp layer of cheese at the top. So, it seemed like a good idea when BuzzFeed Food shared baked pasta recipes made by Alia and Radwa, two Egyptian American sisters and cooks who often post sheet pan recipes on their website. In the video, the duo can be seen baking a bunch of easy oven-baked pasta recipes — but there was one, in particular, that roused unexpected backlash from BuzzFeed fans.

Facebook users were not fans of baked spaghetti

While some users were not in favor of baking pasta that traditionally needs to be boiled, others were furious over one particular oven-baked spaghetti recipe. For the oven-baked spaghetti, sisters Alia and Radwa first broke the uncooked noodles in half and placed them in an oven pan before topping it with marinara sauce, onions, garlic, olive oil, and seasonings. The recipe then required the pan to be filled with water, baked halfway, and then called for the addition of mozzarella cheese on top to finish off the cook.

Some users thought this entire process was way more hassle than it was worth, especially considering no one has a problem with boiling and cooking pasta the traditional way in the first place. "45 minutes in the oven for basic dishes?? Most pasta I make takes 9-11 minutes to cook al denté in boiling salted water," one comment read. Others could not get past the fact that the sisters cut the spaghetti in half. One commenter even suggested they couldn't watch the entire recipe because of it: "Broken spaghetti.....i didn't watch the whole clip cause the damn broken spaghetti was painful enough."

BuzzFeed fans were also concerned about the chunky looking onions and the use of jarred pasta sauce, as well as how dry the pasta ended up. One user referred to Paris Hilton's new cooking show and added, "who'd have thought Paris Hilton's cooking wouldn't be the worse I'd see this year."