The TikTok Trend Gordon Ramsay Thinks He'll Never Master

Gordon Ramsay has conquered the kitchen. He's also conquered reality TV, cable, streaming, and so much more when it comes to media. More recently, Ramsay has set out to conquer TikTok, often with his epic takedowns and reviews of fan-created foods (via Delish). Ramsay revealed in an "Entertainment Tonight" interview that he began his foray into TikTok with inspiration and encouragement from his daughter Matilda (via Facebook). Matilda, better known as "Tilly," is one of 5 Ramsay children and is in the middle of the bunch age-wise (via Parade). At 19-years-old she managed to launch both herself and her famous dad into newfound social media stardom by encouraging his TikTok food reviews (or takedowns as most are usually terrible) (via BuzzFeed). 

Gordon has also been a hit in daughter-dad-duo videos, sometimes serving as fodder for pranks. In one example, Tilly appears to perform a magic trick in which she places an egg on an open water bottle and makes it disappear (via TikTok). It turns out that she's tricking her famously cantankerous dad into looking inside the bottle for the egg so she can splash water in his face and crack the egg on his head. But that's not the only time the chef has looked silly next to his daughter. While it seems to be all wins on social media, there's one TikTok craze this famous dad can't master.

Not everyone has the TikTok moves

That's right; this celebrity chef can't actually do it all. Gordon Ramsay admits to having two very large left feet, leading to awkwardness when he dances with his daughter on TikTok. Ramsay explained, "Well, first of all, I can't dance for s***t. So Tilly has definitely got the moves there" (via Delish). "Listen, I'm 6-foot-2 and I'm 205 pounds, and I've got size 15 feet. So not made for dancing. Let's get that absolutely clear." Honestly, we prefer Tilly's moves, too.

Tilly has had some fun at her bad-dancing dad's expense on TikTok, seeming to trick him into dancing with his eyes closed. Despite not having the smoothest moves, he managed to move at least one viewer emotionally. The user commented, "It's so sweet to see soft Ramsay." It's not hard to see "soft Ramsay" on TikTok, where he apparently dances with his daughter quite often (via BuzzFeed). It seems that even size 15's can't stop him from making his daughter and the rest of the internet smile.