Gordon Ramsay Finally Responds To The Bizarre TikTok Steak Hack

Self-appointed "master chef" Juliette, who gives absurd cooking demonstrations on TikTok under the username @itsmeju1iette, has met her match in real master chef Gordon Ramsay. Juliette's many followers weren't sure what to make of a video she posted on November 5 that appears to show her enjoying a steak she cooked in a toaster and then buried in steak sauce. At the time, we concluded that toasters can't cook steaks to juicy perfection, as hers appeared to be, at least not without exploding the toaster in a grease fire.

Some of Juliette's more irate commenters thought she deserved the Gordon Ramsay treatment. They tagged the famous British chef in comments under the video, to get his attention, and many of them spoke on Ramsay's behalf. "Don't toast it you DONUT," Christian Sanchez commented. Reading that, fans of Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen could probably hear the tone in Ramsay's voice.

It took Chef Ramsay a little while, but he finally came through with a reaction video on TikTok, which he posted on December 7. He had done several of these duets already, where he appears on the left side of the screen while the original video plays on the right. Ramsay was especially harsh to 16-year-old chef Matthew Merril back in October, slamming the teenager for getting almost every part of his famous scrambled egg recipe wrong. Ramsay was not nearly as angry at Juliette, even if she claims the title of master chef in her TikTok bio.

In his reaction, Ramsay chooses 'idiot sandwich' over 'donut'

In Ramsay's reaction video, the chef stands in front of his Lucky Cat restaurant in London while Juliette's video plays. He uses her toaster to set up his own gag, at Juliette's expense. Commenters under Juliette's video had imagined Ramsay calling her a donut. Instead, he went with another of his trademark insults.

"Toast is for bread, and right now if I had two slices, I'd stick them on your ears you idiot," Ramsay said. As expected, Ramsay also took issue when Juliette laid on the steak sauce: "And now you're going to cover it in sauce. Really?"

Ramsay was aware of the demand for this reaction. His caption read, "The review you've been waiting for ... there must be an idiot sandwich in there somewhere!" This episode of "Ramsay Reacts" has been viewed almost 16 million times. Juliette's video has been watched 14.2 million times, and it's not even her most popular post.

When we first wrote about Juliette's toaster-steak video, we wondered what she would try next — maybe a grilled cheese sandwich on an engine block? A couple weeks later, Juliette did exactly that. A video shows her cooking a grilled cheese on a frying pan, set on top of the engine in her mother's car. This may be just a coincidence, but we highly approve. We're just not sure Ramsay would let the melted cheese cool down before once again turning Juliette into an idiot sandwich.