Dog Goes Viral On TikTok After Enjoying This Secret In-N-Out Item

We can all agree that the last couple of years — what with the global pandemic and all — have been challenging. But press paws on your own struggles for a quick sec, and let's talk about how your dog is doing. Woof. They had their BFF (that's you) home for a good chunk of time due to lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and work-from-home mandates. But now that people are returning to their normal routines, your dog might be experiencing some separation anxiety. Judging by a recent viral TikTok, a doggy-date at In-N-Out might be just what the doctor (or rather, vet) ordered.

In the video by Daily Paws, perky pooch Hige happily hops in the back of a car to scour the fast-food landscape for some dog-friendly snacks, while Daily Paws explains that many restaurants have a "secret dog menu." The TikTok then shows Hige as the exhilarated recipient of a Pup Patty from In-N-Out: an unsalted, broiled hamburger patty, made just for her and ... drumroll, please ... free of charge. Don't tell Hige, as her love is priceless, but between us humans, it's much easier to snag a side treat for your darling dog when it also happens to be free. Plus, you can get a little peace and quiet while you enjoy your own burger and animal-style fries.

In-N-Out is not the only chain with snacks for man's best friend

Ask any West Coaster, and they'll tell you that In-N-Out is one of the top three reasons they live on the left-hand side of the country (along with sunshine, the Grand Canyon, and Disneyland). Pup Patties aren't even the only thing In-N-Out offers for dogs; try asking for a Scooby Snack or a Flying Dutchman the next time you find yourself at the burger joint, and watch your dog's eyes light up. And, as Daily Paws points out on TikTok, In-N-Out isn't the only fast food chain that's feeling the puppy love.

Fox News has a list of spots that will cater to your canine, including Shake Shack (they've got dog biscuits on hand, and will even throw a few into a peanut-butter-and-custard combo for your furry friend) and Dairy Queen (they'll whip up a "Pup Cup," essentially a small soft-serve in a cone). Sonic keeps doggy biscuits in the kitchen too, so try your hand (or paw) there the next time you drive in. That's not all: Refinery29 says that Johnny Rocket's, Sprinkles, and Starbucks also have dog-friendly treats — all you have to do is ask.