Pet Owners Need To Know This In-N-Out Secret Menu Snack

If you have a dog and happen to stop by the drive through at Starbucks or Dunkin', chances are you've asked for a Puppuccino or a Pup Cup. Whipped cream in a little cup can do a lot to make a dog happy, and clearly the two coffee chains love their canine customers. But did you know that you can get a much more filling dog treat at In-N-Out?

In-N-Out's secret menu is not much of a secret at this point. However, there are two items that still remain unlisted on the fast-food franchise's website: the Scooby Snack and the Flying Dutchman. According to Eat This, Not That, a Scooby Snack is simply a plain hamburger patty. Unlike the Protein Style option on the "Not So Secret Menu," it doesn't come wrapped in lettuce, and as one customer confirmed on Tripadvisor, it comes unsalted.

If you have a bigger dog, American Kennel Club suggests ordering a Flying Dutchman instead. The Flying Dutchman is two Scooby Snacks with a slice of melted cheese in the middle, and again, no bun.

Are the Scooby Snack and Flying Dutchman safe for dogs to eat?

Considering hamburger patties are essentially ground beef, and In-N-Out's Scooby Snack comes unsalted, American Kennel Club confirms it's a safe treat to feed your dog. In fact, as long as the meat is cooked all the way through, a burger — without the bun, of course — "can be a healthy source of protein in addition to your dog's regular balanced diet."

The Flying Dutchman on the other hand, should be consumed in moderation. According to Rover, allowing your dog to consume cheese is entirely safe, especially compared to many other human foods, however, a cheeseburger is best left as an occasional treat. "While cheese can be a healthy, protein-packed treat with Vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, and essential fatty acids, it can pack a caloric punch," Rover explains. So if you're worried about your dog's food intake, it might be best to just order a Scooby Snack instead.

In any case, if you're getting In-N-Out, at least you know you know your dog can enjoy it too.