The Truth About Ali Khan's Love Affair With In-N-Out

Ali Khan is undoubtedly an important name in food media. While he's usually sharing his thoughts as a TV host and judge, the self-professed "hype beast foodie" recently had a lot to say about In-N-Out burgers. The popular chain prides itself on "quality you can taste," and after creating his own masterpieces at the chain, Khan can't help but agree.

Khan recently posted a tweet linking to a blog post he wrote about his favorite In-N-Out order. In "In-N-Out. Revisited.," Khan explains that his original impression of the chain was hardly memorable. But over the years, Khan learned to enjoy the famous burgers, crediting his change of heart to Reddit discussions and the restaurant's secret menu. He became so eager to share his newfound passion that he wrote about how to order from In-N-Out for L.A. Taco.

Khan's love for the popular burgers has only grown, and at the end of 2020, he announced a new menu favorite on his website 一 the "Ali." He clarifies it's an "unofficial" burger, so chances are you'll have to specify the order to staff. Khan is convinced that his burger creation will turn anyone into a fan of the fast-food joint, remarking that once you try it, "you too will become part of the In-N-Out indoctrinated." 

What's in The Ali at In-N-Out?

If you like to eat a well-contained burger with one hand, the Ali is definitely not for you. But if you're down to indulge, then the Ali should be your next In-N-Out order. Khan explains on his blog that he opts for three burger patties, but adds that the Ali could be made with more or less, depending on your hunger. Next, two slices of cheese complete what Khan calls a 3x2 prepared "Animal style" 一 adding mustard to the meat during the cooking process.

On to the toppings 一 Animal style comes with Thousand Island dressing, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and grilled onions, but Khan suggests asking for raw onions too, making the bold statement that "onions define the beefy flavor at In-N-Out." Finally, if you can stand the heat then Khan recommends adding chopped chilis. He notes that the restaurant uses cascabellas which he describes as slightly hotter than banana peppers.

Unless you're eating the Ali over a sink, then follow Khan's recommendation and ask for plenty of napkins. Although you'll probably be satiated by the massive burger, Khan adds that he occasionally throws in an order of animal fries. He challenges any In-N-Out naysayer to order an Ali burger before making any complaints. At around $6 you'll definitely get some bang for your buck!