TikTok Is Losing It Over This Garlic Flavor Hack

Garlic probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you want to add a "subtle" flavor to your dish, but this TikTok will change that for you.

Popular TikTok creator Grandma Babs of @brunchwithbabs shared a hack with her followers that she learned from her mother and grandmother. She took a sliced clove of garlic and rubbed it on the surface of a plate, giving the food that will be served on the plate a "subtle" garlic flavor.

A garlic clove like the one that Babs used can be sharp and pungent if raw. Even when warmed a little, it can still offer a grassy and earthy taste that can easily overwhelm other flavors in a dish. Therefore, many were shocked over this simple yet effective way to achieve a more toned down garlicky taste. Babs called this trick a "Little Italian Hack." User Nancy Vitale Murphy commented in agreement, noting that her "Italian Mom did this for her salad."

TikTok's reaction

A lot of people jokingly commented on Babs' TikTok about how rather than wanting garlic subtlety, they tend to go big on the cloves when cooking.

"I have never once craved a subtle garlic flavor. It's either 40 cloves or none at all," said @rochamboh. Over 1,000 users liked that comment in agreement. Babs responded, saying "I understand that as well actually. You must be Italian."

Another user, @SmallstheSmall, commented, "What if I like 90 cloves worth," to which Babs responded, "Go for it!" plus plenty of love-filled emojis. Another commenter even suggested rubbing a clove on bread when making garlic bread.

Garlic cloves not only enrich the flavor of a dish, but they also can combat sickness and contain powerful medicinal compounds, according to Healthline. Therefore, getting even a little garlic into your next meal can be beneficial to your overall health. Give Babs' hack a try and see how you like it!