Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Trick To Keep Your Veggies From Browning

Gordon Ramsay is a genius in the kitchen, that's no secret, even though his techniques might be a little abrasive at times, he's still a master. The only thing hotter than his temper might be his passion for cooking, he creates some delicious recipes and has developed a ton of genius tricks throughout the years for preparing, preserving, and presenting food. His YouTube channel features a video full of useful tips that chefs of all skill levels can use. 

One of his hacks is to squeeze lemon juice after cutting chili peppers to help neutralize the burn, while another useful piece of advice that he gives is to pull the center leaf out of the top of a pineapple to check if it's ripe. If it comes out easily, it's ready to eat. He also suggests adding a splash of olive oil to the water when you're cooking pasta to help keep the noodles from sticking together.

Gordon Ramsay uses lemon juice to keep veggies for longer

One of Gordon's most genius tricks is to store cut apples, avocados, and potatoes in a bowl of water with a little lemon juice to keep them from browning. "The acidity of the lemon juice will stop them from browning while the water creates a barrier between the flesh and the oxygen," according to Tasty. This keeps them fresh for longer, which is perfect for making batches of guacamole, serving cut apple slices to a group, or prepping for a big dinner like Thanksgiving. 

Conversely, if you want to quickly ripen a fruit (like apples for pie), placing it into a paper bag with a banana will speed up the ripening process. Another one of the chef's genius hacks is to adjust the coarseness of your pepper by adjusting the nut on the top of the pepper grinder (are we the only ones who are stunned that we didn't know about this sooner?). Thank you, Gordon Ramsay!