Kirkland's Dishwasher Tablets Have Costco Shoppers Divided

Warehouse superclub Costco is known for its really low prices on bulk items, as well as excellent discount versions of brand-name products marketed under its Kirkland Signature private label. Some Costco items routinely receive high marks for quality, such as olive oil (via New York Magazine) and granola, per Business Insider. However, not all Kirkland Signature items are created equal. In a recent Reddit post, Beautiful-Program428 asked, "Thoughts on Kirkland dishwasher tablets vs. brand name ones?" In just two days, the question has racked up more than 150 comments, with strong feelings on both sides.

"I think they are great, and you can't beat the price," wrote Nessybach, while MagDandies commented, "I've used them for 4 years now. I ... love them. They work great." Praise_the_Tsun posted that tablets managed to clean a bowl with day-old chili on it, while Compulov said they successfully removed old coffee and tea stains from their mugs. Several users commented that they had switched to the Kirkland detergent from name brands like Cascade and either didn't see a difference or found that the Kirkland brand did a better job — and "at half the price."

Some users really don't like Kirkland dishwasher tablets

Not everyone has had a good experience using the Kirkland detergent tablets, including some diehard Costco shoppers on the same Reddit thread. "I love everything Kirkland but not their dishwasher pods," wrote Estefi91, a Cascade fan. Wow-n-Flutter didn't mince any words in their review: "I love everything Kirkland branded and I can assure you that those are the sh***iest dishwasher tablets in existence." "They aren't worth the money," The-Scarlet-Witch chimed in. Those who dislike the tablets described their scent as "awful," faux lemon, chemical-like, "funky," or "burning rubber." Other complaints were that the tablets don't dissolve completely, leaving a residue on dishes or causing them not to dry.

Some users noted that Costco recently changed the formulation of its tablets — and that people's varying dishwashers or even the mineral content of their water could affect the washing process. Given the mixed reviews, those who are on the fence might want to try out a package for themselves. As GrammyMe noted, "If you buy them, try them, and don't like them, return them. Costco is easy that way."