The Truth About Ashley Wong From Halloween Baking Championship Season 7

The popular series, "Halloween Baking Championship" is all set to start a new season on September 13, much to the delight of Food Network fans everywhere. According to Food Sided, this edition is going to be dedicated to slasher films from the 1980s. Spooky! Loads of scary options to choose from, after all. This season is going to be hosted by John Henson and will kick off at Camp Devil's Food Lake. 

Participants will be under immense pressure to showcase their best work, of course, and one of them will even be shown the door in the very first episode. One of the contestants that's going to be giving her peers some tough competition is baker Ashley Wong. As per the Food Network, Wong is a professional baker from Fremont, California, and likes to tap into her artsy side when she's working on creative new cake designs and decorating them.

Ashley Wong is an inspiring baker

According to an Instagram post, Wong is a super ambitious chef and really skilled at multi-tasking. Her business is called Ashley Wong Sweets and she's been baking ever since she was a little girl. However, when she was pursuing a career in the culinary arts, she went for savory dishes in the beginning. The chef explained, "Funny how that works though, baking was where my heart was and after a few years of doing savory, I got my first pastry job at a Michelin star restaurant."

Wong spent many years honing her skills as a pastry chef and even became a mother along the way. She continued to juggle her work and mom duties, opening her own company when she felt ready for a transition. It was a "leap of faith" but it has been incredibly rewarding for Wong. "I'm so glad that I did [start a company]. From birthday's to weddings, engagements and showers, it has been a pleasure being apart of all these special moments," she said. Oh, and here's a fun fact — Wong is also a big fan of Halloween and the horror genre. She seems like the perfect fit for "Halloween Baking Championship," doesn't she?