Aldi Shoppers Are Losing It Over This Hilarious 'Charcuterie' Creation

Yesterday, many received a welcome boost during their lunch break thanks to the Aldi subreddit, where one user shared their breaktime snack of Aldi products. "Pfft!" they exclaimed. "Y'all's charcuterie boards are slacking compared to my ALDI creation." Displayed was a paper plate with cubes of Colby jack cheese, Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wings pretzels, Aldi's peanut butter cookies, Aldi's white Cheez-Its, and turkey sticks.

"The paper plate is mwah chef's kiss," one wrote. "Nailed it!' another shouted, presumably as a snide reference to the Netflix show. Most, however, had genuine questions about the various foods included on the "charcuterie board." People in particular had praise for the peanut butter cookies, which several commenters said were both delicious and a good deal. Of all the foods used, only the turkey sticks disappointed. "I like the beef version of these usually," the OP explained. "Thought I'd try the turkey for some semblance of healthy eating, but they're fairly flavorless."

Charcuterie has been enjoying a surge in popularity

Because the headlines have been mostly dominated by TikTok trends and chicken sandwiches, it's easy to overlook the surge in popularity that charcuterie boards have enjoyed in recent years. They have gone from being something people vaguely know about to a snacktime staple.

Writing about the phenomenon in January, Meat + Poultry learned that this was due to the pandemic boosting pre-existing preferences for customizable platters and authentic foods. "Shoppers want to be educated on what to shop for to make their own personal charcuterie board, especially this year, when we are all looking for something ... to fill the void of the normal restaurant experience," Evan Inada, charcuterie director for Hormel Foods Corp.'s Columbus Craft Meats, suggested. He offered that charcuterie boards have "staying power" because they're multifaceted, occupying space as a snack, a sophisticated appetizer, and a romantic treat.

On the other hand, these reasons also drive at what's so amusing about the charcuterie board offered on the Aldi subreddit. It is indeed an authentic, customizable treat, but one you would expect to give to a kindergartener. Though that won't stop us from jealously taking notes.