The Best Appetizer At Applebee's, According To 34% Of People

Oh, Applebee's. A home-away-from-home for so many of us. From your wide-ranging menu of everything from seafood to steak to burgers to extra sweet and fruity cocktails, we know we're not alone in loving your convenience and variety of options. Many a date night or family outing have found themselves at an Applebee's, though the chain restaurant's menu hasn't escaped its fair share of internet critique (no one is ever really safe, it's par for the course).

And with the recent launch of its commercial featuring Walker Hayes, Applebee's has shot itself back into the spotlight, despite reactions to the marketing ploy being very much mixed (via Saturday Down South). Still, everyone loves a menu item comeback — especially when it's an Oreo shake, right?

But how do Applebee's appetizers fare on the popularity scale? In this case, not all are created equal — some appetizers at the chain are much more worth ordering than others, according to a recent poll.

This finger-licking good dip came out on top

We love our polls at Mashed. And since we've been keeping an eye on Applebee's — including exploring the real deal behind the popular chain restaurant and which of its menu items we feel rank best — it made sense that we polled to see which of its appetizers are crowd favorites. The results might surprise you.

In a contest among Applebee's boneless wings, brew pub pretzels, spinach and artichoke dip, mozzarella sticks, and double crunch bone-in wings, we asked 644 U.S. residents which was their must-have Applebee's appetizer. For the fans at home rooting for the pretzels and bone-in wings, we've got some bad news: The double-crunch wings only received 7.3% of the votes, coming in last place in the poll, and the pretzels weren't far behind with only 11.96%. The boneless wings were close in competition with the mozzarella sticks, with the former scoring 21.89% and the latter 24.53%, but neither landed the top spot.

Yes, that leaves only one appetizer, the spinach and artichoke dip, leading the poll with 34.32% of all votes, and honestly we're kind of surprised. Not because the dip isn't finger-licking good (because it is), but we just didn't expect it to beat out the handhelds of mozz sticks or wings that don't require a chip for scoping deliciousness. But the people have spoken, and we trust them.