Costco Has Good News For Fans Of Its Hot Chocolate Bombs

Crank up the air conditioning, everyone. Even though it's likely still in the 80s (at least) where you are, Costco is already stocking a wintry favorite that's likely to get you in the holiday spirit, a bit prematurely.

Per costcohotfinds on Instagram, Bom Bombs brand hot chocolate bombs are back on Costco shelves and ready to once again add flavor to those cold weather months. "Hot Chocolate Bombs are showing up again, and these sold out fast last year!!! They're so fun," reads the post. It was also noted that they come in a box of 20, which can then be separated into four different packages of five, making them easy and affordable gifts. Or, keep 'em for yourself and enjoy the rich, chocolate goodness. Current flavors are salted caramel, s'mores, strawberry, milk chocolate, and cinnamon, and they retail for $17.99. They're shockingly easy to make and enjoy, and really, isn't that something we could all use during the stressful holiday season?

These hot cocoa treats are literally the bomb

Last winter saw hot cocoa bombs spread like fire all over TikTok because they're a fresh, fun, and entertaining take on a beloved cold-weather classic. A combination of both hot chocolate and hot cocoa, all you have to do is place a so-called bomb in a mug of hot milk, then watch the magic happen. Once the chocolate melts into the milk, the other flavors and goodies mix in, producing a decadent treat!

Each bomb is festively wrapped in holiday-appropriate foil, so it's easy to gift. Simply pick out a mug, drop in a wrapped bomb, then add some cellophane and a tag for a thoughtful and super sweet holiday treat. Trust us, every teacher will be thrilled that it's not another container of scented lotion.

Or, instead of forking over (more) of your moolah to Costco, take the DIY cocoa bomb approach at home. Either way, it'll be a delicious (if not nutritious) experience!