The Truth About Anirudh Mamtora From Halloween Baking Championship Season 7

The popular TV show, "Halloween Baking Championship" has returned with a brand new season. Per the Food Network, the new edition is going to be super exciting and will feature host John Henson and Carla Hall, Stephanie Boswell, and Zac Young as its judges. And yes, the contestants will be furiously preparing desserts in tribute to this edition's scary theme: slasher films from the 1980s. Shudder.

One of the participants who can't wait to compete on the TV show is chef Anirudh Mamtora. From Cherry Jill, New Jersey, Mamtora is a versatile artist who's comfortable with making a variety of desserts such as saffron cheese cakes, yummy croissants, and more. Plus, what works in his favor is the fact that Mamtora has a solid background to back him up. He was once employed with an international cruise liner and has also worked as a pastry chef with several renowned hotels in India, as per his LinkedIn profile.

He looks like a promising contestant

As per his LinkedIn profile, Anirudh Mamtora has received formal training at the French Pastry School in Chicago. He has also previously worked as an instructor and taught others the art of baking. He currently runs a bakery called "Bake 2 Treat" and loves to experiment with his work. Some of his creations include a Minecraft special cake, sweet treats dedicated to basketball fans, a cake shaped like a giant glass of beer, and more (via Instagram.) How creative!

Mamtora is excited to be a part of "Halloween Baking Championship" and is already sharing updates with his fans on Instagram. For example, he recently shared an image of a cake with incredible details such as fake maggots (yikes) and wrote, "Halloween is right around the corner and I've decided to take [a] head start into the insanity of the show that I am going to be a part of." In another post, he wrote that it was tough for him to stay mum about "Halloween Baking Championship" and that he feels like he's living his dream.