Oktoberfest Fans Won't Want To Miss This Pretzel-Infused Beer

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word "Oktoberfest?" (Besides possibly wondering why most of the celebrations seem to take place in September — to make a long story short, history, that's why.) You probably think beer. And pretzels. And more beer. And possibly dirndl-clad serving maidens bearing enormous steins of, you guessed it, still more beer. And possibly a few more pretzels. In fact, as far as we're concerned, they could just go ahead and rename the celebration SeptemBEER and Pretzelpalooza. Except, that wouldn't be traditional, and Oktoberfest is all about tradition. Particularly as it involves consuming copious amounts of pretzels and beer.

Okay, so let's say you want to get in the spirit of things and get your "eins, zwei, g'suffa!" on, but you don't want to completely overdo it on the carbs. Maybe you'll stick to just one of the festival's two specialties, but which one? If you're like most celebrants, you'll probably prioritize beer over pretzels, but Snyder's of Hanover — yes, the pretzel people — wants you to know it doesn't have to be that way. This year, they've teamed up with New York state's Captain Lawrence Brewing Company to introduce a product that allows you to have your pretzels and drink them, too: the pretzel-infused SnyderBier.

Try one or both flavors of Snyder's pretzel beer

There are actually two different varieties of SnyderBier. The first is SnyderBier Pretzel Märzen, which is a traditional Märzen-style lager that maybe tastes a little bit salty due to having been brewed with pretzels. The second type, however, has a lot going on in its flavor profile. SnyderBier Pretzel Frücht is a gose-style ale made with guava and passion fruit as well as pretzels, something Snyder's press release describes as "a refreshing sweet and savory mashup."

Interested in giving SnyderBier a try? It should be available now in "select retail locations" across the country, so it sounds like you're more likely to find it at a warehouse-style liquor store with a huge selection rather than at your local convenience store, although you never know. You can also order SnyderBier from the product website, should your local regulations permit mail-order booze buys. If you order this beer online, it's priced at $18.49 per four-pack plus shipping and handling, while single beers are available for $5.49 each.