The Genius Pepperoni Hack For Perfect Homemade Pizza Bagels

Remember Bagel Bites? All the perfect qualities of a delicious slice of pizza piled on top of chewy, mini bagels to create the perfect after-school snack — what's not to love? If you ask us, the only way this treat could get any better is if they were a little bigger, which is why as adults, we've upgraded to full-sized pizza bagels on the occasion that we're craving the duo of New York's most famous foods.

If you haven't yet made the transition from Bagel Bites to full-on pizza bagels, we're not really sure what you're waiting for. You still get all the good things out of the frozen meal like rich tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese, but this time around, you have the added bonuses of getting to use your preferred flavor of bagel and get a bit more creative with your toppings. One Redditor has even come up with a brilliant hack that will allow you to pile even more meat, cheese, and veggies on top of your bagel without the threat of them falling through that pesky hole in the middle, which The Bagel Club reports is there to help bagel dough cook faster. Ready to make the leap from the pre-made snack from the freezer aisle that you can polish off in three minutes to a sophisticated, homemade pizza bagel? Here's what you need to do.

Use a slice of pepperoni to cover up the hole in the middle of the bagel

Quality of ingredients is a major key to making excellent homemade pizza bagels, but not if they're going to slip through the hole in the middle of your delectable carb ring. Luckily, a Redditor found the perfect trick for preventing this dreaded mishap. "Place pepperoni over bagel holes when making homemade pizza bagels," the Redditor shared along with the above photo demonstrating the hack that should be performed before adding sauce and toppings on top of the bagel. "Cheese won't melt and stick to the pan, gives toppings more surface area."

We certainly think this is a brilliant use of pepperoni, and we're not alone. Plenty of other Reddit users saw its genius as well, including one user that said it was "honestly one of the best and most practical hacks." Another user dubbed the original poster a "hero," while a third went even further and called them "legendary," and we can't say we don't agree. Whether you've been making homemade pizza bagels for years or are gearing up for your first time, this Redditor's trick is sure to yield you an even more perfect meal. Happy snacking!