Popular Braum's Ice Cream Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

If you're craving a scoop of ice cream or two, there are plenty of shops or brands you can get your fix from. Ben & Jerry's, Häagen-Dazs, and Talenti are all available to you when you want a wide selection of options. But there's another, perhaps lesser-known brand that offers up a ton of flavors, one which you may have never seen before in your life. What is it? None other than Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Store, a family-owned restaurant based out of Oklahoma. There are currently more than 100 flavors from this spot, so whatever you're craving, you can probably find it at or from Braum's.

And this isn't just your average, everyday ice cream, either. Braum's uses real cream from their own considerable herd of dairy cows (via Braum's). Therefore, you know you're like to be getting the freshest, highest-quality ice cream possible. And what's not to love about that?

Before you visit a Braum's location, though, you need to get the scoop on what kind of ice cream they serve there. That's why we're ranking some of the most popular flavors available from the chain. We're going to start with the worst, which is to say the stuff we think that you should skip over completely. But don't worry, as we'll slowly work our way to the best of the best — the flavors you're going to go back for again and again. Are you ready? Let's take a look at Braum's best and worst flavors.

21. Peppermint

We know that mint chocolate chip is a controversial ice cream flavor, as some people feel like they're being forced to eat toothpaste when they take a bite of some less than stellar varieties. We can certainly understand that feeling, but we actually really like a good mint chip ice cream. However, we're not going to extend that same welcome to Braum's peppermint flavor. We don't know who thought of this idea, but we'd like to have a word or two with them. 

Truth be told, this stuff just doesn't taste good at all. It has that same problem of making you wonder if you're eating toothpaste, for starters. This stuff also has pieces of hard peppermint candy dotted throughout the mix, which creates a strange texture as well.

Admittedly, the ice cream looks good, especially if you're in the mood for something that seems like it belongs in a Christmas celebration. However, once you taste it, you'll realize that you should have never touched this overpowering stuff at all. If there's one flavor you should definitely avoid the next time you find yourself at Braum's, it's the peppermint.

20. Chocolate Marshmallow

When you're a kid, marshmallows are simply fun and taste delicious. They're squishy and bouncy, so you can't help but to love the texture. And since your palate isn't that developed yet, something that's just sweet without a lot of other flavors involved is going to be pretty pleasant. However, when you grow up, you may find that marshmallows become less and less appealing. If that's true for you, we can bet that you're not going to like the chocolate marshmallow flavor from Braum's. The chain compares it to a chocolate marshmallow sundae, but we just think of it as an overly sweet and sadly diluted chocolate flavor.

Moreover, the marshmallow ribbon swirled through the mix tastes only slightly like marshmallows. For the most part, it's just a chunk of bland sweetness. While the chocolate portion is good, it kind of gets ruined by all that marshmallow. While this flavor may be a solid choice for the little ones, we think that most adults are going to want something a little more sophisticated and a little less cloying. Luckily, Braum's has plenty of other amazing flavors for you to choose from, so you're very safe to skip this one for a much better scoop.

19. English Toffee

Do we like the English toffee flavor at Braum's? No. But does it have some redeeming qualities? Sure, if you know where to look. The best part is the fact that the ice cream is blended with real English toffee. This creates a lovely, toothsome texture that's super pleasant and enjoyable. If you don't like plain, creamy ice cream and you're looking for something that's a bit more interesting texture-wise, then this particular ice cream is sure to please.

But when it comes to the flavor? We're sorry, but we just can't get on board with the English toffee. Think about it: Toffee on its own is sweet. Like really, really sweet. As in, you probably can't eat more than a few pieces of toffee before your teeth start to hurt. And since so much is mixed in with the ice cream for this flavor, you'll soon realize that this is overly sweet ice cream to the extreme. Now, if you have an overactive sweet tooth that can never get enough, then you may not mind this flavor. But for those of us who prefer something a bit more balanced and easier on the sugar, it's clear that the English toffee just doesn't make the cut.

18. Birthday Cake

When you first see the birthday cake flavor at Braum's, you may be taken aback. It's a bright blue color, and frankly, it looks less like an edible treat than something else entirely. It clearly contains artificial coloring, which is generally not something that we want to see in our ice cream. Isn't it better when they just keep things natural? But we understand why they would want to add so much color here, as it does make this flavor look more fun, especially to kids. And since it is so bright and eye-catching, it does seem fitting that you would eat this stuff on your birthday.

The texture of the blue cake batter ice cream is broken up by that same super-sweet marshmallow ribbon (which we're still not a fan of) as well as pieces of pound cake. We personally think that the addition of pound cake is brilliant, as it actually tastes great and adds a lot of texture to what could have been a monotonous experience.

However, when you take the sweetness of the marshmallow ribbon and the rather shocking artificial color into account, it's clear that this is not one of the best flavors on the menu. It's eye-catching, sure, but shouldn't the flavor of the treat matter more than the mere appearance of the ice cream? At any rate, the birthday cake ice cream at Braum's is certainly Instagrammable, so you may at least get some likes for your trouble.

17. Strawberry

Sometimes, we just want to stick to the classics, and that's what may be appealing about the strawberry flavor at Braum's. It's simple and so expected as to be a classic. You've probably had strawberry ice cream plenty of times in your life before. However, the unfortunate truth is that you shouldn't expect a top-notch strawberry ice cream from Braum's.

When you first see this ice cream, you'll probably think it looks appealing due to its soft pink color. However, we were disappointed to find out that this color comes largely from artificial dyes and not just the strawberries themselves. That's definitely a bummer if you want something that's going to look and taste as natural as possible. There are at least some real strawberries in the mix too, but their flavor is drowned out by the "natural strawberry flavor" also present in the mixture.

All told, order the strawberry ice cream, and you'll be left with something that's slightly artificial-tasting. You'll also get those weird chunks of semi-frozen and comparatively tasteless strawberries in the ice cream as well. Those bits can easily get caught in your teeth and ruin what would otherwise be a perfectly fine smooth, creamy texture. If you really love strawberry ice cream and want to give this stuff a try, then go for it. But it's definitely nowhere near the top of our list.

16. Fudge Ripple

Now, we want to be very clear about something here: The fudge ripple flavor at Braum's is not bad. It's basically just vanilla ice cream with ribbons of fudge running through it. If you like the combo of vanilla and chocolate (and how could you not?), then this one is sure to please. However, we wouldn't suggest ordering it unless you want a really simple flavor that you can find just about anywhere. That's because there's nothing particularly special about the fudge ripple, even when you order it at Braum's. You've almost certainly had ice cream flavors like this before, and we can almost certainly guarantee you'll have plenty of others like it again.

This flavor is great for unadventurous kids and those who tend to be picky eaters. Or, hey, if you just want a safe option that's going to taste good without any major surprises, then the fudge ripple may just be the way to go. But considering that Braum's has so many different and far more interesting flavors to choose from, we don't think you should settle for something as boring as this option.

15. Brownie Fudge Sundae

If you are looking for an ice cream flavor that is super rich and indulgent, you can't go wrong with the brownie fudge sundae. Just be warned, though: This stuff is heavy and comes with a pretty intense flavor. If you're not that into chocolate, then you may want to consider something else just to be on the safe side. That's because, while the base of this concoction is sweet vanilla ice cream, it goes far beyond that kind of simplicity and into some seriously fudgy territory.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this ice cream is the chunks of brownie that are mixed into the cream. We love that this brownie addition creates an interesting texture, which makes biting into a bowl of this stuff more enjoyable than many of the other flavors on this list. But once you add in the fudge ribbon alongside it, you'll soon realize that so much richness in one flavor can be pretty overwhelming.

While the first few bites will be delicious, you'll soon realize that taking more than a couple of spoonfuls of this stuff is little more than a pipe dream. It's just too rich with all of that chocolate coming from all those different sources. While the idea was good here, the overwhelming execution is less than impressive.

14. Brownie Batter

If you love the idea of brownie batter in your ice cream but aren't as fond of the idea of that rich fudge ribbon running throughout the mixture, then we have an alternative that you might be interested in. That would be Braum's brownie batter ice cream, to be specific. We were surprised to find out that this stuff actually tastes like a real brownie. It all starts with the chocolate brownie ice cream, which is surprisingly rich and creamy. Then comes the brownie batter ribbon in addition to actual chunks of brownie mixed throughout. It all sounds pretty good, right?

While we definitely like that Braum's committed whole-heartedly to this ice cream flavor, having so much chocolate in one scoop can still be too much for some people. If you're the kind of person who can eat chocolate everything, then chances are good that you're going to enjoy this flavor. However, if you want some more variety in your ice cream flavor, then we must admit that this chocolate powerhouse just isn't going to cut it for you. Ultimately, we like the brownie batter ice cream, but we'd prefer something that isn't quite so rich.

13. Banana Pecan

We live in a time of controversy. No, not about politics — about banana ice cream. For some people, this particular variety of ice cream is a distillation of all that is pure, true, and tasty in this world. It takes one of the most common, beloved fruits in your local grocery store and turns it into an icy cold dessert that's even creamier and richer than the real thing. However, others view banana ice cream as a crime against humanity. A banana split is fine, sure, but the banana and the ice cream itself must be separate entities, at least as far as these detractors are concerned.

So, the real truth here is that where you fall on the banana ice cream-loving spectrum matters. It will inform you as to whether you're going to love the banana pecan ice cream from Braum's or absolutely hate it. As for us? Well, we think the banana flavoring is just okay. It's a better fruit flavor than the strawberry, for sure, but it's still a little bit funky and not quite balanced. However, the addition of pecans definitely takes it up a notch. We love that subtle crunch and the fatty, nutty flavor the pecans impart.

12. Pumpkin

Let's face facts. Not that many people are seeking out pumpkin-flavored foods in the middle of June or in the dead of February. However, when the fall rolls around, you're going to find pumpkin-flavored everything just about everywhere. The craze likely all started with Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte, but it definitely hasn't ended there. And if you find yourself at Braum's in the middle of autumn, you may want to indulge your pumpkin-loving side in an all-new way.

Enter Braum's pumpkin ice cream flavor. It's only available during the fall, so be sure to catch it then. It's not too complicated, but it definitely has a warming, pumpkin spice-inflused flavor that you're sure to love if pumpkin is one of your seasonal favorites. We love it because it's definitely a great way to get into the spirit of fall, but do we think that it's the best-tasting ice cream on the menu? Definitely not. It's a bit too one-note to really achieve the heights scaled by other flavors.

If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving, though, Braum's has a fun suggestion. If you pair this ice cream with some whipped cream on top, you have the ideal Thanksgiving dessert — no pie crust needed!

11. Peanut Butter with Snickers

It's time for dessert, and you're trying to decide what to have. Ice cream is always a solid option, of course, but you could also go for a candy bar. It's a difficult decision, and sometimes, you may just not have the emotional capacity to choose between two such amazing options. That's when you should go for the peanut butter with Snickers flavor at Braum's. Now, be sure to proceed with a bit of a warning. You're definitely going to want to be the kind of person who absolutely loves peanut butter before you even think about ordering this flavor.

That's because it all starts with Braum's signature peanut butter ice cream. But after that is when the real magic happens. As the name implies, the ice cream makers next crush up pieces of Snickers bars and add them to the mix. Then, if that weren't enough on its own, they also add in a scattering of chocolate-covered peanuts.

We think that this is a solid variety of ice cream, but it does have a bit too much peanut in it for our liking. If it were up to us, we would probably leave out the chocolate-covered peanut butter to achieve a bit more of a flavor balance. All in all, though, it's pretty good. And if you love peanut butter, you're almost certainly going to adore this one.

10. French Eggnog

When the holiday season rolls around, you're undoubtedly going to want to celebrate. There are many ways to do that, but fun holiday foods are one of the best methods we've found. And there's one iconic holiday food (okay, drink) that has them all beat: eggnog. But have you ever heard of eggnog in your ice cream? We didn't think so.

During the months of November and December, you can find the seasonal French eggnog ice cream at Braum's. Even if you don't typically love eggnog, this stuff is pretty good. It's extra creamy, and it tastes almost like frozen custard. Meanwhile, the spices are on point, and it's interesting to get the opportunity to eat a flavor you've probably only ever had in a drink before.

While the French eggnog is not the most intense flavor in the world, that's not necessarily a bad thing. And the fact that it's only around for the holiday season makes it even more of a treat. Give it a try the next time the winter rolls around, and you'll see how good it tastes for yourself.

9. Cherries Pecans and Cream

When you first see the cherries pecans and cream flavor at Braum's, you may have to take a minute and scratch your head. Chances are, you've never seen this kind of ice cream before, and you'll probably wonder what it's all about. After all, it does look a little strange and the theoretical flavor combo may seem a bit odd, too. The vanilla ice cream looks somewhat normal, but that's where the familiarity ends. First, you'll notice the little red pieces in the ice cream — those are the cherries. They're nice and tart but still have a noticeable sweetness to them.

But the pecans are really the star of the show when it comes to this flavor. We love when Braum's adds nuts to their ice creams because those nuts keep the texture interesting. Plus, the mild flavor of the pecans complements the intense flavor of the cherries really well. This one might be a bit out of the ordinary, but it's certainly worth a try.

8. Butter Pecan

If you love the idea of the pecans in the cherry pecans and cream but aren't too fond of the cherry aspect, then do we have something for you. It's the butter pecan flavor, which definitely ranks higher than average in our books. This flavor is about as simple as can be, but that's honestly why we like it. It's not relying on anything gimmicky or strange to distinguish itself, eschewing flashy add-ins or boundary-pushing tastes. Rather, it's just good-quality ice cream in a standard flavor that most people love.

The ice cream itself is nice and buttery. It is also one of the richer flavors on the menu, but because there aren't too many add-ins here, we don't think it's over the top. It definitely feels indulgent, but in a grown-up, sophisticated sort of way. The star of the show, of course, is the pecans. Like in the cherry pecans and cream, the nuts add a slight crunch to the ice cream without forcing you to break a tooth. It's perhaps not the most exciting flavor of all, but is well done and a surefire win nearly every time.

7. Chocolate Almond

Speaking of nutty ice cream flavors, what about the chocolate almond on offer from Braum's? Well, we have to admit that it's made a home pretty close to the top of our list. At first, this ice cream flavor just looks like the same old, same old chocolate ice cream that you've been eating your whole life. It's good, of course, but there's nothing really that special about it. But, take a moment to look a bit closer, and you'll find that it's also dotted with real toasted almonds. You wouldn't believe how much flavor and texture such an ingredient adds — it's seriously something special.

The fact that the almonds are toasted gives them a nice, warm flavor that plays very well with the cold, rich chocolate. They also break up the softness of the chocolate ice cream to provide you with a more exciting textural experience. If you had to ask us to choose between regular chocolate and chocolate almond, it's clear that we'd choose the latter any day.

6. Amaretto Peach Charlotte

There are plenty of amazing holiday flavors at Braum's, but what about the summer flavors? Don't worry, as they've got you covered there too. Perhaps our favorite summery option on offer from Braum's is the amaretto peach charlotte. Why do we love this one so much? Well, it's a light and refreshing option that's simply perfect for the hotter months, but it doesn't skimp on creaminess or indulgence at the same time. After all, not all of us want a sorbet just because it's warm outside.

This peach ice cream has a lovely, light flavor to it that's not overwhelming. That being said, you can still definitely taste the peach there. The fresh peach ribbon swirled into the mix takes that flavor and turns it up a notch in the best way possible. It's sweet, of course, but there's also a slight tart edge to the taste that we love. And if you were worried that the texture was going to be boring for this flavor, think again, as the bits of ladyfinger cookie pieces give you something to bite into. Add in some real almonds for that nutty crunch, and it's clear why this flavor is a winner.

5. Pistachio Almond

Okay, okay, we know we've covered a lot of the nutty flavors here, but we can't deny that Braum's seriously knows what they're doing when they add nuts to their ice creams. The pistachio almond certainly isn't an exception. The ice cream is a classic pistachio flavor that looks just like the green stuff you're used to. We love pistachio ice cream from all brands because it's one of those understated flavors that'll keep you coming back again and again.

But who would've thought that you could add another nut to the mix and still have it taste just as good — or even better? Braum's, that's who. They decided to add almonds to this ice cream flavor, and we can't thank them for it enough. The roasted almonds add a lot of texture to the ice cream. In fact, if you take a bite of this stuff, you're going to get quite a bit of crunch. It's not for those who want a super smooth ice cream, but it is for those who want a ton of flavor without resorting to the most chocolate-infused ice cream on the menu.

4. Caramel Cookie Dough

You've probably had plenty of cookie dough ice creams in your time, but you have to admit that most of them have probably tasted pretty similar to one another. We can see it now: you got the vanilla ice cream along with the ice cookie dough chunks that have been added into the mix. It's a great combo, which is why any cookie dough ice cream is going to rank near the top of our list every time. But Braum's decided to get creative and take things a step further with their caramel cookie dough ice cream.

It's just what it sounds like: rich, creamy cookie dough ice cream with cookie dough pieces combined with a thick caramel ribbon that works its way throughout the dessert. Then, for good measure, Braum's has added chocolate chips in as well. How could you not love that combo? If you've ever had a hard time choosing between chocolate chip, cookie dough, and caramel ice cream, then this is the combo flavor you've been waiting for your entire life.

3. Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate

There's nothing like a dose of well-made coffee-flavored ice cream to get you through the day. It's almost as good as a real coffee pick-me-up. But what if you can't choose between getting a coffee ice cream and a chocolate one? If that's your issue, then you're going to want to turn to Braum's cappuccino chunky chocolate flavor. We absolutely love this entry into the Braum's canon because the coffee ice cream is quite strong, to the point where it actually tastes like a cappuccino in ice cream form.

But as good as that cappuccino ice cream may be on its own, it's made even better with the addition of chocolate chunks. When it all comes together, this mix results in the mocha-flavored ice cream of your dreams. Whether you're a coffee lover, a chocolate lover, or both, you're going to absolutely rave about this flavor. It's got all the sophistication of a coffee ice cream with the fun and indulgence of chocolate.

2. Cherry Chocolate Chip

You already know that there are several cherry flavors on the Braum's ice cream menu, and we're honestly here for it. But if you want to taste the best cherry flavor of them all, then you simply have to turn to the cherry chocolate chip. After all, who doesn't love fruit and chocolate together? The cherry ice cream here is made with sweet maraschino cherries that will almost make this dessert taste like a sundae without all those messy extras. And because Braum's decided to use maraschino cherries, the color of this ice cream is absolutely gorgeous, with an eye-catching pink appearance that doesn't tip overboard into artificiality. If you're looking for an ice cream that will look just as good on Instagram as it tastes, then this should be your go-to flavor.

But this variety goes way beyond just the cherry. There are also chocolate chips in the mix, too, though we like that they didn't go overboard with the chocolate here. The chips provide just a slight taste of chocolate in a subtle and well-balanced way. Cherry and chocolate together is ultimately a lovely combination, which is why we're such huge fans of the cherry chocolate chip. If you like fruity ice creams, this one should definitely be at the top of your list for Braum's ice cream flavors to try.

1. Coconut Chocolate Cheesecake

And finally, there's what we believe is most delicious Braum's ice cream of all: the coconut chocolate cheesecake. Is this flavor rich and intense? Absolutely. And is that just how we like it? You bet. The base for this concoction is, as you may have already guessed, a coconut cheesecake ice cream. You're definitely going to taste more of the cheesecake than the coconut here, but we happen to like things that way. There's just a hint of coconut as well that adds a bit of sweetness, but it's definitely not the main flavor here. Then, there's a fudge ribbon that adds a rich, chocolatey taste that we absolutely love.

While the ice cream makers could've stopped there and made a fantastic ice cream flavor, they didn't. Instead, Braum's decided to take things a step further by adding chocolate brownie pieces to this ice cream. Those brownie pieces help to give this flavor the ideal texture. While this combination of flavors might seem random, it just all comes together very well. One thing is for sure: If you ever see us at Braum's, you can bet we're going to be snacking on the coconut chocolate cheesecake ice cream.