Popular Talenti Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

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When you have a craving for something sweet, what's the first thing that you reach for? Sure, cookies can be delicious, a slice of cake is nice from time to time, and we can't say anything bad about pie, no matter what's in the filling. But if you're looking for a dessert that's going to tickle your taste buds every time, ice cream is definitely where it's at. It's cold and refreshing, but at the same time, it can be rich and creamy too. Isn't that everything you want from a dessert experience?

Alas, not all ice cream brands are created equal. If you want to go for the best of the best, then you have to know that Talenti is the way to go. Talenti offers a range of flavors that seem like they're designed for grown-ups. While there are some classic, fun flavors that everyone is sure to enjoy, there are others that are more on the sophisticated side.

While you might not have known that there are so many different Talenti options to choose from, what exactly are you supposed to do as you face the freezer aisle and have to decide which one you're going to take home with you? Well, we've got you covered, because we've ranked some of the most popular Talenti flavors from worst to best. The next time you're looking for a delicious dessert, check out this list and decide how you want to treat yourself.

18. Organic Brown Butter Caramel Gelato

We really wanted to like the organic brown butter caramel flavor. It does sound delicious, after all. In fact, it sounds like a more sophisticated version of something you might have snacked on when you were a kid. But as an adult, you probably don't want to be spooning obscene amounts of sugar into your mouth with every bite. Of course, if you do, then you'll probably love this ice cream. But, on the other hand, if you'd prefer something that doesn't make your teeth hurt due to excess sugar, then this flavor is not for you.

The caramel flavor in this ice cream is super strong, and it's the first and last thing you'll taste when you scoop a bite into your mouth. The dulce de leche swirls add even more richness to an ice cream that already has way too much going on. And there are no competing flavors to really break up that richness at all. What you're left with is an ice cream that feels too heavy and might leave you feeling sluggish.

While we don't like this flavor at all, we have to admit that it would come in handy if you wanted to keep something sweet in the fridge that you wouldn't be tempted to binge on. Since this ice cream is so rich, you could just have one spoonful for dessert and be done. But that doesn't sound like very much fun, does it?

17. Peanut Butter Vanilla Fudge

Peanut butter is a magical ingredient. It can go in just about anything and make it taste better. Of course, it goes well in desserts, but you can even make a sort of savory sauce from it. So, when we saw that the peanut butter vanilla fudge flavor from Talenti features real salted peanut butter, we couldn't be more excited.

When we took the first bite, though, we were sorely disappointed. You have to really like peanut butter to get on board with this option. You've got the salted peanut butter in there, but there are also peanut butter cups in the mix. Those two ingredients together make the peanut butter flavor overwhelming. And as much as you might love peanut butter, if you wanted to eat it straight out of the jar, you wouldn't have purchased a pint of expensive ice cream instead. The chocolate that tops it all off is a nice touch, but it's still completely overpowered by that peanut butter.

While this flavor wasn't our favorite, you may want to reconsider if you really are wild for peanut butter, as in if it's your favorite food in the world. Otherwise? We suggest going for a different option — there are so many others to choose from!

16. Pumpkin Pie Gelato

The pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks might have started the pumpkin spice trend, but it's still alive and well. Now pretty much every food company under the sun has embraced the trend and created its very own pumpkin-flavored snacks. Some of them are pretty good. Others? Not so much. And unfortunately, we have to include the pumpkin pie flavor from Talenti in the latter group.

Why? Well, for us, the flavor of pumpkin just isn't that intense in this dessert. While the gelato does have a faint pumpkin taste to it, it's largely covered up by all the spices. So, if you're looking for something that will make you feel like you're wandering through a pumpkin patch in October, this might not be the right choice for you.

While it's definitely not our idea of the tastiest ice cream ever, we have to admit that we really enjoyed the presentation. Instead of all the ingredients being mixed together into one mass of ice cream, this stuff is actually arranged in layers. In fact, there are even layers of pie crust in the ice cream itself. That makes it feel like you're eating more of a composed dessert instead of just a bowl of ice cream.

15. Strawberry Hibiscus Sorbetto

When the weather gets warmer, your idea of a good dessert might change slightly. Instead of grabbing something rich and heavy, you might prefer a lighter, more refreshing dessert. Don't worry — Talenti offers plenty of options if this is your thing. But one of the fruitier options that we don't particularly enjoy is the strawberry hibiscus sorbetto.

Does it sound delicious? Absolutely. Who doesn't love the sweet flavor of strawberries paired with a slightly floral flavor that makes you feel like you're in a tropical destination? But in reality, this sorbet just doesn't cut it for us.

That's because the flavors aren't strong enough. The strawberry is the dominant flavor you get when you first take a bite, and while it's somewhat pleasant, it's just not that noticeable. The hibiscus is even less pronounced, though you do get a bit of an aftertaste from it that's not wholly unpleasant.

Basically, we really like the idea of this sorbetto flavor, but we just wish it was executed better. With a bit more flavor, it would be an amazing summertime snack.

14. Peppermint Bark Gelato

When the holidays roll around, you might be trying to get into the festive spirit. Sure, you can always hang decorations and wrap presents, but food is a great way to embrace the holiday season as well. And since this peppermint bark gelato is only around for a limited amount of time in the winter, you might want to take full advantage while it's out. So, should you start stocking up your freezer now?

We think not. While this gelato flavor might be good for a few bites every now and then, overall, it's pretty lackluster. Sure, you get that mint flavor you like, and you might even enjoy the little chips of chocolate that are mixed in. Mostly, though, it's an unimpressive flavor. It's definitely not bad, it's just unremarkable. Perhaps that's why the company only keeps it around for part of the year.

If you really want to get a taste of winter in your ice cream, you might still want to pick it up. But if you're looking to be blown away by your next pint, you can certainly do better than this one.

13. Pacific Coast Pistachio Gelato

Don't get us wrong; we absolutely love pistachio ice cream. There's that initial moment of confusion (is this mint?). Then, there's the first bite when you get to taste the nutty goodness. Finally, you finish off the whole pint because it's just that easy to eat. So we get it. But if we had to choose a pistachio gelato, we probably wouldn't choose Talenti.

That's because the Pacific coast pistachio gelato is just "meh." The flavor is solid, and you're probably not going to regret your purchase. But when you buy from Talenti, you're probably expecting something that's out of this world, and this flavor just doesn't cut it. One Amazon reviewer said, "The description talks about 'pistachio butter' but this gelato is far from buttery. There are pistachios in it, and when you get one in your bite it's okay. But the base of the gelato is neither buttery nor does it have a good pistachio flavor. Disappointed because I love some of the other flavors (e.g. Caribbean coconut!) and I had high hopes for this one."

We'd agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly. The base of the ice cream isn't as creamy as we would want it to be, and there aren't a ton of pistachios in the mix for you to find. This one is pretty much a take-it-or-leave-it option.

12. Honey Graham Gelato

When you see that this Honey Graham Gelato is blessed with sweet wildflower honey, you might imagine yourself eating a pint of the stuff in a sunny field surrounded by flowers. At least, that's how you'll want to feel when you take a bite. And overall, it's not too bad. It does have a distinctly sweet taste that doesn't just come from heaps of plain white sugar — you can actually taste the honey. And don't worry about a lack of texture, because there are also graham cracker pieces in the mix too.

While this all sounds good, this flavor just doesn't stand out to us. It's nice and pleasant, but it just didn't stick in our memory as being that exciting. It might be a good option for picky kids who don't like to eat a lot of super-flavorful foods, but most people probably aren't going to be blown away by it.

Compared to other types of ice cream out there, this might be a solid choice. But if you have the option of getting other Talenti flavors, you might want to pass this one up in favor of something that's just a bit more exciting.

11. Confetti Cookie

We're going to start with the positives here. If you're looking for a dessert that's going to make you smile, then this Confetti Cookie ice cream should definitely be on your radar. It's colorful and creative, with layers of different ingredients and plenty of multi-colored sprinkles. Whether you decide to mix it up or stick with the various layers of goodness, you're certainly going to get a mood boost whenever you choose this fun dessert.

However, looks aren't everything, and the aesthetic of this ice cream doesn't make up for its somewhat pedestrian taste. The ice cream is tasty, and the layers of cookie pieces and pink cream cheese frosting are fun additions that are sure to make you smile. None of that, however, adds up to anything especially creative in terms of flavor.

This would be a fun gift to bring to a birthday party, especially if you know that the birthday person isn't a big fan of cake. But it's not necessarily something that we would bring home to eat in our PJs while watching Netflix.

10. Coconut Chocolate Cookie

Calling all coconut lovers! We have a flavor that you might enjoy. The Coconut Chocolate Cookie from Talenti is unlike any other coconut ice cream you've ever tried. First of all, the company says it's inspired by a coconut macaroon, which sounds amazing. Second of all, if you can't eat dairy, you're in luck. This stuff is dairy-free, which means that even those who are lactose intolerant can indulge without worrying about how they're going to feel later. Admittedly, we don't love the flavor of the ice cream, which is a bit bland compared to the top dairy-free ice creams, but when you consider all the other factors that go into this dessert, we still consider it a winner.

This is another Talenti option that has multiple layers, so it's almost like you're digging into a whole, composed dessert instead of just a pint of ice cream (not that there's anything wrong with that either). In addition to the coconut sorbetto, you'll also find a dairy-free fudge sauce, chocolate cookies, and oat crisps. Doesn't that sound like a lovely combination of textures and flavors? 

Even though the sorbetto itself isn't amazing, the creation as a whole gets a thumbs up from us.

9. Lemon Berry Pie

If you can't get enough of Talenti's layered line, then this lemon berry pie may be something you're interested in. This one ranks as high as it does because of the novelty, as in when was the last time you saw a flavor like this from any other ice cream company in the freezer section? It's a genius combination: the sour of the lemon combined with the sweetness of the berry flavour, all pulled together by a pie component? Yes please!

The tart gelato pairs well with the blueberries and pie crust pieces that make up the layers in this dessert. The graham cracker cookies give it a bit of a crunch as well, which definitely takes things to the next level. It's certainly not our favorite of the bunch, but we can't help but to give it points just for the creativity. We'd recommend this one for the warmer months, as it's refreshing enough for hot weather.

8. Salted Caramel Truffle

Some of us can eat desserts that are intensely sweet and love every second of it. Others prefer food that's more on the savory end of the spectrum. If you fall into the former category but always want a touch of the latter, then there's a good chance you're going to go wild for this salted caramel truffle layered gelato from Talenti. Be warned: This one is intense, and you'll want to have built up a good appetite before you dig in.

One thing to note is that this dessert is incredibly rich. Vanilla gelato, crunchy chocolate cookies, and dulce de leche come together to create a downright decadent dessert. But don't forget about the caramel; the addition of this salty treat adds a velvet-y texture to the ice cream as well as breaking up all that richness with a bit of salt. If you didn't have that salt in there, it might be too overwhelming to really enjoy. But it seems like Talenti knows what its doing by balancing these flavors especially well.

While this one may be too rich to eat on a regular basis, when we really want to feel indulgent and treat ourselves, the salted caramel truffle is truly a fantastic choice.

7. Vanilla Blueberry Crumble Gelato

If you want to pick up a gelato that's as pretty as it is tasty, then this vanilla blueberry crumble gelato may just be the perfect thing for you. The white and pink coloring will make you fall in love before you take a single bite. But when you do get to that first bite, you're not going to be disappointed. The classic vanilla gelato mixed with a blueberry sauce doesn't have the artificial taste you might expect. And if that sounds a bit boring, once you add in the brown sugar-covered oat crumbles, you will see that this gelato is far from ordinary.

The extra texture from the oat crumbles makes it stand out, showing that Talenti's not going to give you a boring ice cream experience after all. The crumble makes it a bit more sophisticated, but the flavor itself is really simple, making it something that many kids might like.

If we had to choose one time of year to eat this stuff, we'd pick the spring. The fresh blueberry flavor will make you want to open the windows and let in all the fresh air. At the same time, it's still got the carb-heavy indulgence you want in a dessert, post-breakup or not.

6. Roman Raspberry Sorbetto

Now, if you're looking for a real showstopper, you can't go wrong with the Roman raspberry sorbetto. Wow, does this stuff taste amazing! Compared to a lot of Talenti's other offerings, it's pretty simple. You're not going to find a bunch of multi-colored layers or chunks of chocolate cookies in the bottom of the pint. Instead, you'll get a smooth, refreshing, and summery treat that will taste perfect on any blisteringly hot day.

First of all, you're going to love that this sorbet is completely vegan — no animals were harmed in the making of this dessert! And people on lactose-free diets won't feel like they have to miss out. Second of all, you're going to fall in love with the subtle blend of flavors. Of course, the raspberries feature prominently in the flavor profile. But there's also a hint of tang from the lemon that's in there as well. The combination seems effortless. 

Anyone looking for a healthier alternative to regular ice cream might be attracted to this product because it's not going to be so heavy without dairy. Even if you don't really consider yourself an ice cream person, there's a good chance you're still going to love Talenti's Roman raspberry sorbetto.

5. Mint Fudge Cookie

Okay, okay. We know that mint ice cream is polarizing. Some people think it sounds terrible to eat anything toothpaste-flavored. Others can't get enough of the stuff, especially when it's paired with plenty of chocolate as it is here. At Mashed, we fall into the "love" category, which is why we're giving such high marks to the mint fudge cookie gelato from Talenti. First of all, Talenti's classic mint gelato is more subtle than a lot of the mint ice creams on the market, so if you're looking for a gateway into the world of mint desserts, this may be your shot.

But it doesn't stop there. Next, Talenti adds in chocolate cookies and chocolate fudge sauce, arranged in layers. When you dig into the pint for the first time, you're going to get a little bit of everything: the gelato, the crunch from the cookie, and the dreamy sauce that sends it over the top.

Karissa V. on Influenster.com had this to say about the dessert: "Talenti Mint Fudge Cookie is my absolute favorite guilty pleasure! It's both refreshing and delicious and those bites of fudge keep me coming for more. I have to force myself to share because I can easily finish this on my own!" We can certainly relate to that.

If mint ice cream weren't so controversial, this one might rank even higher!

4. Cold Brew Coffee Sorbetto

Just imagine, it's a warm day, and you've been out with friends. You're looking for something to eat, but you don't necessarily want a whole meal. You need some energy, so a coffee sounds great, but you'd also like something cold and refreshing. What should you do? 

Well, if you're anywhere near a retailer that sells Talenti, you may want to pick up the cold brew coffee sorbetto.

It's simpler than you might think — there's no layering or pieces of cookie or brownie like other Talenti flavors — but it's made with such high-quality ingredients that you know you're getting an amazing treat. Fair-trade Brazilian and Colombian cold brew coffee are blended and combined to provide the flavoring for the sorbetto. But in a twist, it doesn't contain any dairy, so if you thought you couldn't enjoy a coffee-based dessert just because you're dairy-free, think again.

The simplicity of this option is what earns this sorbet its rank. It doesn't need any frills. If you're looking for a coffee sorbetto, you probably don't want it weighed down by pieces of brownies, chocolate chips, or sprinkles. We like to keep this stuff in the freezer because it's the perfect thing to indulge in when you don't want to go all out dessert-wise. It's a perfect little dessert after a mid-work week lunch. Sure, you could always drink another espresso, but isn't this delivery method more fun?

3. Alphonso Mango Sorbetto

Now, you already know that we think Talenti has a ton of incredible sorbetti in its roster. This wide selection of dairy-free desserts is part of what makes Talenti a brand that we keep going back to again and again. But if you're looking for the absolute best of the bunch, then you have to try the alphonso mango sorbetto. Wow, this stuff is so good! The first thing you'll notice is the bright orange color that invites you in right away. If you love mangoes, you're probably going to find this stuff appetizing.

Since this is a sorbet, you might imagine that it wouldn't be too creamy when you first dip your spoon in. But you'd be wrong. The texture of this dairy-free dessert is incredible — it almost tastes like you're eating actual ice cream. Of course, it is a bit sweeter than your average fresh mango, as there is some sugar that's been added. And the flavor gets a little bit of complexity from the addition of lemon. Overall, though, it's a super simple recipe that most people will probably find appealing.

If you're getting together with friends and want to serve a dessert that's going to look stunning when you spoon it out into individual dishes, the alphonso mango sorbetto should be a top choice.

2. Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Gelato

You can get a one-note ice cream from any brand on the market. You know the kind: one that's overly sweet but lacking in any real nuance or creativity. That can be okay if you're just a casual ice cream-eater. But if you consider yourself an ice cream enthusiast and you want something that's more on the luxurious side, Talenti has you covered with the black raspberry chocolate chip gelato. The black raspberries come from a family farm located in Oregon and their tart flavor balances out the sweetness in the ice cream. 

But then in come the chocolate chip pieces, adding a touch of extra sweetness and a bit of a crunch. The result is an undeniably tasty gelato that's somehow perfect for any time of the year. This black raspberry number would work well as a complement to other desserts, too — just imagine adding a scoop of this to a chocolate cake or a freshly baked cookie. Give it a try the next time you see it in the freezer section.

1. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

At No. 1 on our list, our top popular Talenti flavor is the chocolate cherry cheesecake

We've covered a lot of different layered desserts from Talenti, but this is our favorite. Why? First of all, the cheesecake: Add cheesecake into any dessert, and it's automatically going to be 100 percent more delicious. Here, cheesecake gelato is topped with a cherry sauce made from black cherries. Add in the chocolate flakes and the graham cracker pieces, and it's a no-brainer why this delicious combo won our hearts.

Second of all, the texture is out of this world, with the creamy gelato balancing the crunchy graham cracker pieces perfectly. The cherry sauce gives it an old-school vibe and also a touch of tartness, despite the relative sweetness of the rest of the dessert. 

And the addition of chocolate? Well, you can never go wrong there.

Ally M. from Influenster agrees. She said, "This is DIVINE. I love the different textures from the layers, it makes it fun and interesting to eat. It's so delicious, all the flavors blend so, so well. I buy this every time I want a treat, it's perfect in the Texas heat."

If you're wondering which popular Talenti flavor to try next time, the chocolate cherry cheesecake is our top choice.