Robert Irvine's Monday Cure Is The Wholesome Content You Need

Getting chin checked on Twitter by celebrity chef Robert Irvine isn't the worst way to start a Monday. Yet, it's pretty darn close.

Sometime around midday yesterday, a Twitter follower of Robert Irvine, one of over 403,000, decided to have a go at the Food Network chef. Irvine had recently shared a recipe on Twitter for Cacio e Pepe, a Roman pasta dish (via Spoon Fork Bacon); he had pitched the recipe to his followers as a "cure" for a "case of the Mondays." A trouble-making Twitter follower, known as Collin, saw an opportunity and leapt at it. Addressing Irvine in a response tweet, he asked whether Irvine had, besides the pasta recipe, a cure for cases of "chronic Mondays." 

The poor soul didn't know what he was getting into. About three hours later — time enough to reflect on and truly regret his ill-advised comment — Collin got a full blast of Irvine's signature tough love. "Yes I do Collin," began the response, chillingly direct. "Go out and help somebody less fortunate than you. Then you will realize there are no chronic Mondays."

Plenty to go around

The Twitter skirmish isn't Irvine's first. In the past week, the celebrity chef had to get in front of a misleading story about his signature line of power bars, Fit Crunch. According to a number of Irvine's followers, the Fit Crunch brand owed its success entirely to celebrity endorsements and not to the quality of the protein bars themselves. After a photo surfaced online of former MLB player John Kruk holding a Fit Crunch bar, fans latched onto the idea that Kruk was secretly under contract to endorse Irvine's Fit Crunch line. In tweet after tweet after tweet, Irvine refuted the claims, dismantling the fans' arguments with his usual polite reserve. Just another day in the hectic life of the prolific actor, author, and multi-business-owning professional chef.

As for the "chronic Mondays" guy, he and Irvine patched things up on Twitter. The Irvine fan gestured at apology, calling the Food Network chef "Truly...the best of us." Irvine responded with typical graciousness. "Ha ha no Colin, I try every day to be a better me," he wrote. "We can all do it .. best of luck my friend."