The Unconventional Way Ted Allen Makes Bacon

Ted Allen quickly rose to fame as the food and wine connoisseur on the massively popular show "Queer Eye." He then parlayed that expertise into being a host on the long-running competitive cooking series "Chopped," where chefs compete to impress the judges with incredible looking meals. The author also still regularly contributes to Esquire, Food Network Magazine, and Bon Appétit, per the Food Network. Suffice to say, if there's anyone that's an authority on incredible cuisine, it's Allen. Luckily for us, the television personality likes to give advice on social media about how to create delicious meals at home.

Allen recently took to Twitter to share with his fans that he makes bacon in an unusual way. "You really can't blame me for the magnificence of #bacon," he wrote. "Which I bake in the oven regularly, in two-pound batches on sheet trays, and then consume in alarmingly rapid fashion." His followers were quick to weigh in with their own thoughts on his unique method. One commented, "I do that too, with some sacrificial silpats." Another user recommended using this same technique to create a breakfast roll with bacon, fried eggs, and then lathering it with barbecue sauce. They said "It is wonderful."

Why you should bake your bacon instead of frying it

Not only does cooking this delectable breakfast meat in the oven taste better, it's also much easier with way less opportunity to hurt yourself. When you're cooking bacon on the stove, you have to combat potential hot splashes of oil and possibly overcooking your tasty meat. Thankfully, if you just pop some strips in the oven, you don't have to worry about this at all because there's zero monitoring required. You can just slide them in on a baking sheet and let them cook away with ease.

If you like your meat medium-well, Delish recommends heating your bacon slices at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and checking in on them at 15 minutes to see how they're shaping up. However, if you like your pieces a little extra crunchy, you'll want to cook them for 20 minutes. When it's time to remove your delectable meat treats from the oven, make sure to move them directly to a paper towel to help get rid of any extra grease. This will also help them from overcooking, which will leave you with mouthwatering bacon pieces that your whole family can enjoy.