Costco Shoppers Are So Excited For These Sweet And Savory Popsicles

If you like mangonadas, there's a good chance you'll also be a fan of the GoodPop mango chile popsicles now being sold at Costco. The flavor is a combination of sweet, spicy, and tangy, consisting of mango with a hint of chile, as well as lime and sea salt. According to Instagram account @Costco_DoesItAgain, the product is available for a limited time exclusively in Costco's Los Angeles and Hawaii locations, and shoppers outside of the two states are already urging the grocery store chain to make it available nationwide.

The promising news, however, is that there's a chance these popsicles could be brought to Costcos in other cities, because GoodPop, the brand behind the frozen treats, is open for suggestions and reached out to their Instagram followers after the Los Angeles and Hawaii Costco launch. "Want our new mango chile twelve-pack in your area? Let us know! We're here to make all your refreshing pop dreams come true," the caption reads.

Costco's mango chile popsicles are a healthy option

Not only are the GoodPop mango chile popsicles a delicious combination of sweet and savory, they're also a guilt-free treat. As printed on the box and nutritional label shared by @CostcoHiddenGems on Instagram, the popsicles are fat free, only 60 calories each, and are made with real fruit and fair trade ingredients. They also contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and are certified organic by the USDA. If you're particular about store-bought sweets or are simply looking for a healthier dessert option, you can't go wrong with GoodPop mango chile popsicles.

According to Instagram account @CostcoSisters, a box of twelve GoodPop mango chile popsicles costs $10 in-store. However, if you're unable to visit one of the select Costco locations, or miss the window of time it'll be available, the flavor is also available directly from the GoodPop website in packs of four or eight.