Reddit Is Hating On This Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spiked Seltzer

While the "Fearless Flyer" might be essential reading for some Trader Joe's fans, one Reddit post might leave a few shoppers wanting to skip a trip down the beverage aisle. According to various Reddit comments, the Trader Joe's Shell House pumpkin spiked seltzer is more of a trick than a fall-flavored treat. Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, most comments are far from glowing. It appears that this alcoholic beverage could make people conjure a pumpkin patch scene from "Stranger Things" season 2.

As reported by "Today," Trader Joe's has around 75 pumpkin-flavored offerings this year. Beverage options include "Shell House Pumpkin Spiked Seltzer, The Gourd Tree Pumpkin Cider, Howling Gourds Pumpkin Ale and Campanology Coffee Peanut Butter Cup Porter." Presently, the Shell House Pumpkin Spiked Seltzer is the only one with such scathing comments on social media. To say that the feedback is harsh is like saying that a dream about Freddy Krueger is only slightly unnerving.

Trader Joe's pumpkin spiked seltzer gets slashed by drinkers

As seen on the karlamoonstonesofen Reddit post, the title of "The worst thing I've ever had" doesn't fully describe the drinking experience. Throughout the post, the comments continue with statements like, "The funny part is I went into it fully believing it probably wouldn't be good, so my expectations were pretty low. And it somehow was so much worse than I could ever imagine." Describing the flavor as "extremely chemical-y," the user said that they "immediately spit it out." While in theory the idea of a pumpkin spice seltzer could have worked, it seems that this particular beverage did not execute the flavor well.

Other comments continued the undrinkable reaction. Sarafromaschool posted, "it reminds me of accidentally getting a waft of some Febreeze or spray deodorant near my mouth." From the analogy of liquid potpourri to just disbelief over the undrinkable qualities, it seems that not all things pumpkin spice should be part of the fall flavor offerings. Based on the majority of feedback, it might be time to skip the pumpkin spiked seltzer and stick with that pumpkin spiced latte.