This Giada De Laurentiis Recipe Takes Cauliflower To The Next Level

Oh Giada, how we love you and your recipes. It's always a small miracle every time a beloved chef comes up with an innovative new recipe that has the mouth immediately watering and foodies at home thinking, "How come I didn't think of that?!" And Giada De Laurentiis is really, really good at it.

The Food Network star's website is chock-full of delicious-looking recipes that seem to offer something for everyone, so no one feels left out. De Laurentiis even has a section totally devoted to amazing Italian recipes that are gluten-free (via Giadzy), and if that doesn't say "dedicated chef," well then we don't know what does.

But recipes that take even the vegetables we love to hate — like cauliflower — and make them totally tantalizing is what really gets our blood pumping and us racing into the kitchen. We love to see chefs getting extra creative, and who doesn't love making vegetables fun to eat?

How Giada De Laurentiis takes cauliflower to the next level

Let's face it: Cauliflower can be tough to master. There's the fact that most of us don't know that keeping cauliflower leaves can be essential to a recipe, or simply wondering what the heck to do with this broccoli cousin that just doesn't pack a ton of flavor.

Well, Giada De Laurentiis must have heard our cries for help and her chef instincts kicked in, because the food celeb came out with this cauliflower recipe that you've got to try to believe.

While the recipe itself might not be super new (via Giadzy), the Instagram post of fluffy, crispy goodness that Giada shared definitely is. The photo, uploaded a mere couple of days ago, shows a perfectly golden-browned dome of cauliflower in a cast-iron skillet. "How to make a head of cauliflower absolutely delicious, every time: stuff every crevice with cheddar, top it with crispy breadcrumbs, and bake it until golden brown," De Laurentiis wrote in the caption. The chef then notes that the link in bio is where to find the full recipe.

Also, Giada, you had us at "stuff every crevice with cheddar." We don't even care what the context is. This could be the manuscript for "50 Shades of Cheddar," and we would still be fully on board. Add some toasty breadcrumbs as the chef recommends, and boom, the elusive cauliflower has finally been tamed. Forks up to that!