The Burger King Donut Burger You Have To See To Believe

In the world of all-beef patties and sesame seed buns, the infamous rivalry of the Clown and the King is always something to talk about. Although suffering from shifting earnings (via Forbes) and less-than-popular marketing strategies (via Better Marketing), Burger King can still toss around some weight in the fast-food market. Much like it's golden-arched rival, McDonald's, Burger King has a wide variety of menu items that span from coast-to-coast and even farther, with some being the same old Whoppers and other items being far more unconventional.

In Japan, Burger King sells a Whopper that's almost all black from bun to bun-including black cheese (via Time). In Canada, they serve up poutine with plenty of bacon, gravy, and cheese curds. They'll even put it on a burger if you want (via The Huffington Post). For those in Israel, they are lucky enough to try the Sufganiking — a fried, sweet, salty, and greasy burger that brings to mind both ancient Jewish traditions and American carnival food.

Burger King's Sufganiking is available during Hanukkah

Compromised of two sufganiyot (or filled doughnuts) as buns that are said to be pumped full of ketchup instead of jelly, and finished off with an elegant ketchup swirl, this unique-looking burger is only available during the Hanukkah season. Why during Hanukkah? The Jewish custom for eating fried doughnuts during this season is a way to commemorate the blessed oil in the Temple, in which the menorah miraculously burned for eight days on a single cruse of oil (via Kosher). It would appear that Burger King, to cash in on the season of indulging on fried pastries, released this surprising doughnut-burger combination to the Israeli people, although reviews seemed to be rather ambivalent about it (via The Jerusalem Post).

In all fairness, Burger King isn't the first to combine cheeseburgers and donuts. The infamous Luther Burger, a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts, is supposedly named after R&B singer Luther Vandross (via Snopes), and TGI Fridays sold a Flaming Donut Chicken Sandwich as part of their Carnival Food promotion back in May of this year (Fast Food Post).