Nearly 27% Agree This Is The Worst Breyers Ice Cream Flavor

You might remember that in the not-so-distant past, Breyers started a "Cookie Coverage" insurance policy for its cookies and cream ice cream flavor. Apparently, people had complained about the ice cream not having enough cookie pieces in it, so Breyers responded to critics by adding an additional 20% more cookies to the recipe, according to the website. While the additional chunks might have earned the cookies and cream a current four-star rating, other Breyers flavors are slacking in the eyes of customers.

Mashed recently took a poll to find out which Breyers ice cream flavors people think are the worst. Six options were presented, including s'mores, mint chocolate chip, French vanilla, chocolate pretzel swirl, peach cobbler, and natural strawberry. The poll had 590 United States-based respondents, and the results were quite close. Of the six options, only two received less than 10% of the vote. The least chosen (so, most liked) option was natural strawberry, followed by another classic, French vanilla. The remaining choices were nearly neck and neck.

Chocolate pretzel swirl is the least popular among Breyers fans

The only middle-ranking flavor in the poll was mint chocolate chip with 82 votes of the 590 cast. The remaining three flavors — peach cobbler, chocolate pretzel swirl, and s'mores — were all quite close in the race for the worst flavor of Breyers ice cream, according to Mashed readers. 

The third worst flavor was s'mores. And worse than that? Peach cobbler and chocolate pretzel swirl were very nearly tied with just a fraction of a percentage point separating the two. The peach cobbler flavor received 25.93% of the vote, while chocolate pretzel swirl took 26.61%. Though the combination of salty and sweet usually works quite well, something about the flavor apparently doesn't win over some customers. So, the next time you're looking to pick up a container of Breyers, consider sticking to the classics, like strawberry, vanilla, or even cookies and cream.