Kroger Just Reinstated This COVID Precaution Policy

There's no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way in which we lead our personal lives. For businesses, the transformation has meant instating a multitude of rules and policies to satisfy public regulations and make their clients feel safe. Since there's plenty of uncharted territory in the current reality, it makes sense that companies need to adjust their practices over time. Kroger supermarket strives to provide fresh and tasty food for all of its customers. Aside from fueling healthy lives, a recent statement released on the Kroger website indicates that the "most urgent priority has been the safety of our associates and customers."

Before its latest statement, the Cincinnati-based store had mandated that non-vaccinated employees and clients wear a mask, while vaccinated people did not have to. According to WLWT, Kroger now requires that all employees wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status. Meanwhile, clients can continue to decide whether to wear a mask, though CDC guidelines highly recommend that non-vaccinated people should do so indoors.

What motivated the adjusted policy?

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Kroger had loosened up its policy earlier in the summer, but with the increase in cases of the delta variant, it has chosen to apply a mask standard for all employees. The hope is that clients follow suit whether or not they are vaccinated. WLWT indicates that to motivate their employees to get vaccinated, the grocer is offering them $100 to get the number of doses associated with their vaccine. 

Aside from minimizing the spread of the virus, a universal mask policy at the store may have the benefit of avoiding differential treatment between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees. There is still a lot of uncertainty and controversy regarding obligatory vaccination, so an undifferentiated stance for mask-wearing may simplify the matter for the time being. Kroger also reaffirmed in its statement that it will maintain physical distancing measures and heightened sanitation practices.