Cicis' Massive New Pizza Is Perfect For Pepperoni Lovers

In honor of National Pepperoni Day, Cicis Pizza unveiled a new pepperoni pizza that will have many people craving another slice. As reported by Chewboom, the new Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Pizza seems to cover every possible surface with pepperoni goodness. In Cicis' corporate press release, Jeff Hetsel, President and COO of Cicis, said, "We've taken our Giant pizza to a whole new level, leveling up the taste and doubling the pepperoni with two different types. National Pepperoni Pizza Day is the perfect time to launch this very flavorful new Giant pizza, and we're excited to continue surprising our dedicated guests with new menu items and additional choices."

Looking at this new pepperoni pizza offering, the excitement comes from the two different types of pepperoni. While the amount of pepperoni seems to ensure that meaty flavor in every bite, the inclusion of the cupping pepperoni adds to the enjoyment. Cupping pepperoni tends to curl into a cup-like shape as it cooks (per Serious Eats). Some pizza lovers prefer the difference in flavor and texture, which can make for the ultimate pepperoni experience. 

The new Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Pizza has a menu price of $13.99. Per Cicis, It can be ordered on its own or as part of the Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Value Meals, which have a starting price of $18.99. A meal includes cheesy bread and/or cinnamon rolls. 

How big is Cicis' Giant Pizza?

When Cicis announced the new Ultimate Giant Pepperoni Pizza, it joined the other Giant Pizza offerings on its menu. According to Brand Eating, Cicis added a giant pizza to its menu in May 2021. The menu addition was part of a National Pizza Party day promotion. The 16-inch, one-topping pizza, which features 12 slices, has a starting menu price of $10.99. It appears that the giant pizza has become a menu staple.

Although the name "Ultimate Giant" might suggest a huge pizza, the reality is that this menu offering might not be quite as big as people assume. According to Pequods, the legendary Chicago restaurant, an extra large pizza is generally 16-18 inches and serves around 12 slices. But, for pizza lovers who have an extreme appetite, there is a humongous pizza that can serve a crowd. According to the Guinness World Records, the largest commercially available pizza can be found at Moontown Pizza Bar in Burlson, Texas. "The Bus" is a rectangular pizza that measures 8 ft x 2 ft 8 in. While that pizza has to be ordered 48 hours in advance and costs $299.98, the term gigantic does seem to be a good descriptor for that pie. While Cicis' Giant pizzas might be a good value for the size, the term "giant" really just comes down to perspective.