This Is Where McDonald's McFlurry Was Actually Invented

Need something that can make your day infinitely better? Perhaps you should consider treating yourself to a McFlurry, one of the most celebrated menu items at McDonald's. A McFlurry has soft serve ice cream and irresistible add-ons, such as Oreos or M&M's. What else do you need, really? A Redditor once wrote about how they randomly found themselves longing for a serving of the dessert and simply had to get their hands on one. "I found myself craving an Oreo McFlurry. I wasn't hungry... But for some reason, I couldn't think of anything else while driving back home. So I just stopped at McDonald's on my way back and got one," they wrote. It's honestly magical.

If you're a fan of the McFlurry as well, here's something you should know: Even though it has been on the menu for many years, the sweet treat wasn't actually created in the United States. Instead, as CTV News pointed out, the McFlurry, which was first created in 1990s, actually made its debut in another country.

The McDonald's McFlurry was created in Canada

This is true: The McDonald's McFlurry was the brainchild of a Canadian franchisee. As per CTV News, Ron McLellan was the man who created the dessert in 1995 that would find a fan following in all different parts of the world. He was as surprised as anyone and once remarked, "I never expected that my creation would circle the globe with countries mixing together their own unique [flavors]."

The dessert is still a hot item and gets a lot of love from regulars at McDonald's. A Quora user said that they're incredibly fond of the M&M's creation. Their love letter to the dessert proved their loyalty to the sweet treat. It read, "This godly concoction combines M&Ms and vanilla ice cream, in a combo that I have found no way to replicate. I love the way that the colors run, turning it into a rainbow of deliciousness, and the combination of the smooth, thick McFlurry, with the cold M&Ms can't be beat."