43% Of McDonald's Fans Agree This Was The Worst McFlurry Flavor

What better way to top off a yummy McDonald's meal of a Big Mac or chicken nuggets and fries than with a McFlurry? Created in 1995, the dessert with Canadian origins quickly became a hit at all locations of the fast food chain (via Digg), offering patrons of the restaurant a delectable sweet treat that combines its scrumptious vanilla soft serve and bits of candy in every bite.

Unlike other fast food desserts — like the Blizzard — there are only a few varieties of the McDonald's ice cream concoction regularly offered at the chain. Its current menu only offers Oreo and M&M McFlurries (though it will be adding a caramel brownie version in the United States this May). However, customers have had an array of other flavor options in the past like Snickers, Butterfinger, Reese's and Rolo, some of which were widely considered to have been more delightful to snack on than others. A recent survey conducted by Mashed asked a total of 658 individuals which McFlurry flavor was the worst out of Reese's, Snickers, Oreo, Butterfinger, and Rolo. One of those options in particular stood out amongst the others — and not in a good way.

McFlurry lovers didn't like this chocolate caramel mix-in

McFlurries filled with Snickers and Reese's candies earned the lowest number of votes in our survey, ringing in at 10.18 and 11.09 percent, respectively. This should come as no surprise, as these two candy bars are widely viewed as some of the best ones out there. Oreo McFlurries solidified their permanent spot on the McDonald's menu as well. The flavor option was approved by a majority of those chowing down on the sweet treat, only being labeled the worst by 12.92 percent of voters, or 85 people.

When it comes to the two least-favored McFlurry flavors, the Rolo and Butterfinger options were a no-go for survey participants, raking in a combined 65 percent of votes in our poll. The crispety, crunchety, peanut buttery bar known as the Butterfinger came in second place, earning the title of "worst McFlurry flavor" by 21.88 percent of voters, leaving Rolo to take the top spot with a staggering 43.92 percent of votes that were cast by 289 respondents.

First introduced in 2011, per Refinery29, the Rolo McFlurry was offered at McDonald's for a limited time before vanishing off the chain's menu, only to make a brief reappearance in 2017. Though Refinery29 noted that this version of the treat does have somewhat of a cult following, our numbers don't lie, leading us to suggest that McDonald's revive the Reese's or Snickers versions before trying their hand at the Rolo McFlurry again.