The Hilarious Dare Gordon Ramsay Gave To Duff Goldman

While anybody who doesn't live under a rock knows Gordon Ramsay's tendencies toward the obscene, for those who live outside the food world, it's much-less-common knowledge that Duff Goldman does not wear underwear – allegedly. According to a piece by Food Beast, Ramsay, delicate as always, wanted some good hard proof. While on the set of "MasterChef," Goldman was apparently having issues keeping his pants up, and Ramsay caught wind of what he wasn't wearing underneath. Ramsay insisted on seeing for himself.

"You're playing the wrong game, with the wrong guy," Goldman told him before pulling his pants down and, apparently, giving Mr. Ramsay more than he bargained for. True to form, Ramsay had a foul-mouthed retort: "Wow. That's f****** disgusting." Goldman's full moon couldn't have been that revolting to him though, considering that the emperor of "Hell's Kitchen" has said a whole lot worse about a whole lot less. Besides, at least Goldman can say he didn't moon the viewing public.

Gordon Ramsay dared to bare his behind on camera

It seems far more than likely that Gordon Ramsay has seen, referred to someone, or been called different parts of human anatomy many times. But Duff Goldman showing his tender parts isn't the only notable story involving someone's actual gluteus, television, and Ramsay. A piece by Metro describes how Ramsay uploaded a video to YouTube in promotion of his fourth season of "Hotel Hell" where he wants to check out the shower. Naturally, he wasn't wearing any underwear in the clip where he presses his backside up against the glass shower door.

It may not be the kind of content that everyone would enjoy. To some it may even be, to channel Ramsay himself, effing disgusting, but it certainly helps him to maintain his reputation as the kind of no-holds-barred personality that's needed by television screens and kitchens alike. It's just a pity that we don't know what kind of reaction Duff Goldman would have to that clip.